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    I’ve just opened a manual Long trade on Chicago Wheat because I think the market structure is right for an UP period.

    I thought I’d check on ‘wheat seasonality’ and I see that July is a good month historically … see attached.

    I then looked at the matrix on Page 1 for wheat seasonality and I note wheat gets a ‘0’ in July … see attached.

    Am I reading something wrong or anybody got any thoughts please?





    Gold closed long at 1am at 1200.1, loss from 1235.5.



    Also from Equityclock:


    @Patrick and everyone else interested

    I got the answer from my IG contact that both CAC 1€ and EU Stocks50 1€ will be removed from PRT.

    Best regards, David

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    @dajvop thank you

    Your chart is 20 years to 2009 and my chart is 20 years to 2014. You wouldn’t think there be so much change in overall 12 month profile in 5 years?

    But there is also attached on shows latest on Seasonality  … in their words

    Identified below are the periods of seasonal strength for each market segment.   Each bar will indicate a buy and sell date based upon the optimal holding period for each market sector/index.


    PS How did you embed that chart in your post? I don’t appear to have that option (tried copy & paste and ctrl v etc)


    Hi Grahal,

    The page looks useful but unfortunately it is not solving the problem because the structure of the two codes are very different.
    Attached again for a like for like comparison, the individual month of Feb1 and the full year algo, which only trades in the first half of February.
    Would be nice if somebody could have a look because I think it would be very beneficial to use only a full year algo at the end of the day. (If we once finish the full year for all indices and commodities)




    Ah yeah I see what you mean O-jay8 … there’s ‘too much difference’ for the Code Diff checker to be useful.

    Surely the Feb only version has to be better as there’s loads less Drawdown?? I’d be more comfortable with the Feb1 version … or am I missing something?

    See attached for comparison since 2 Jan 1976




    Ignore 2 screen shots above showing zero drawdown (I didn’t wait for the PRT server to compute the figure).

    2 on the right do show DD.

    Attached are the curves for Feb1 and FY … very similar, but with 2 more trades in the FY system.

    So what conclusion do we draw O-jay8 ?



    As you can see in my screenshot, highlighted with a red line, the FY V1 has 3 trades which do not occur for the Feb1.

    And the Feb1 has one trade which does not occur in the FY V1.

    The question is why, because in my opinion the results of the code should be the same. Only the structure is different.

    Until we sort this out, I would of course rather trade the individual month of Feb1.

    As it was the approach of Pfeiler with the full year algo, I would like to hear his opinion on this matter as well.

    @   GraHal, another question, as I do spread betting as well, what do you use for corn and chicago wheat, DFB?




    @ojay: All I can offer right now is this link with an updated FY algo:

    Please have a look at the calculation of ‘midofmonth’. The prt variable ‘Days’ does not count to the end of the month, so in this version it is calculated again (still not perfect but better, as you can see with the prt graph function

    Hope this helps.


    @ O-jay8 you’d need to isolate the 3 trades that are different and then examine the triggers and check out what is going on?

    Use the GRAPH Function to isolate triggers … see attached.

    Corn (DFB) Code C and Chicago Wheat(DFB) Code W … is that what you mean?




    I have noted the following differences that does not appear in the other version:

    FY: 2000-03-01, 2006-03-01, 2010-02-02

    Feb1: 2009-02-03

    Even though March1 is set to 0, there are 2 trades in that period for the FY version.

    The differences in drawdown comes from the 2010-02-02 trade which was a loss.


    @dajvop gold is still open for me!



    Please upload your version.

    Best regards, David




Viewing 15 posts - 691 through 705 (of 2,005 total)

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