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    China long from 1am live. Anybody confirm?


    Yes, I can confirm that a long was opened @ 10,149.2 on the China H-shares Index.


    for some reason my China trade was rejected this morning, anyone  got same issue? mine is running on a demo account

    Also if any is running the DAX 4 hour I had a short on DAX opened on Friday late afternoon






    I can confirm DAX 4h short live, but that question actually belongs in the other thread 🙂

    Don’t know about refused China trade, sorry.


    @bertholomeo / Bertrand I owe you an apology … I doubted the integrity of your ‘Gold Swing Optimisation’, but clearly you knew what you were doing (and I didn’t!)

    Thanks to Patrick / wp01 full and comprehensive explanation, and David / dajvop also, I am now as clever as you!

    I’m glad to see good came out of (my) bad and I hope other members benefit from discussions around my faux pas.



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    My China trade was well executed this morning on a live account.

    I’m not sure if you mention live or demo. There can be a lot of reasons why it didn’t effected.

    For example: not enough contracts when activated automatic trading. Or you reached the total amount of contracts of your running systems in ProOrder.

    The valid date expired; you have to extend it manually unless you add a new system in ProOrder, than it extends automaticly.

    Or not enough money on your account.  Please check the cancelled/rejected tab on the orderlist. Sometimes it gives the reason when you point with your mouse on it.

    Best regards,


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    Here a small recap of the algos for MARCH2:

    — done:

    Bund (Pfeiler) – ASX (David, jahko) – AEX (jahko) – SMI (Michael) – Natural Gas (Alco) – CAC (traderfred) – Copper (ojay8) – DOW (Jesus) – Gold (bertholomeo)

    — open:

    Palladium (Arno)
    Coffee (Brage)
    Wheat (Jesus)
    Platinium (ALE)

    China (?!)
    NIFTY (?!)
    DAX (Flo)
    S&P500 (Patrick)
    SAF (Aloysius)
    Hang Seng (David)
    FTSE (Mark)
    Euro Stoxx 50 (Arno)
    OMX (Kasper)
    MIB (ALE)

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    I didn’t do the S&P because the code is actually for F2,M1 and M2. (still on page one)


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    If someone is willing to become a moderator, “job” is open -> nicolas[at]


    I feel really bad for this question, but is anybody even trading these “monthly” programs? I know reiner did and I was happy to support him, but I think the rest is just running these programs on demo.


    @flowsen123 I was trading all Reiner’s (Swing + 4H) Live for 2 – 3 weeks, but it reinforced my thoughts that I like to be in control … ‘stand or fall by my own decisions’.

    I have now switched all Auto-Systems back to Demo (except 2 with Trades running ) but that was what Reiner was doing anyway and then he used the Demo Auto-System Alert to prompt him to buy respective ETF.



    I’m trading both sets in Live – but cautiously. On the odd occasion I intervene and close a position or lock in profits. I am also slightly concerned about the possibility of over-optimisation in some of these so I’m testing myself and being on alert to the price action of the live trades.


    hi guys , what do you think of opening a new thread  with only ” live ” reportings  ( graphs )  on demo ( i have a lot ) or real life ?


    what do you think ?


    i think it will interrressing for people



    If IG changes the min lotsize to 0.1 or something then i would try this, else i think its to much risk (for me anyway)

    because to take full advantage of this system you need to have multiple pathfinders running to diversify (as i understand it)





    @Paris do you mean Daily Reiner Swing Trades or for any Auto-System?

    In any case Live and Demo would be good but clearly segregated.

    It would be good to have all the Trades on a spreadsheet … Google Sheets … maybe you should put it up as suggestion for the Site (as if poor Nicolas hasn’t got enough work!). Maybe an offsite public access google sheet on google drive?

    Just a few thoughts.

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