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    Thanks guys.
    I will trade Davids “Pathfinder-STXE-A1-v1.itf” but with the instrument “EU Stocks 50 Kassa (2EUR Mini)” since I dont have a 1EUR Mini at IG Markets.

    I have uploaded a new package “Pathfinder Swing 04 APR1” .

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    SMI closed 6 positions at 8665.7.

    PL was rejected at midnight due to “This market is only available to closing transactions”. This is directly translated from Swedish, don’t know if it makes more sense in other languages. Tried to open it manually now, but got the same respons. This is on Platinum 1 € minicontracts with PL Mar2 v1 by O-jay.


    Wheat closed tonight with a profit of 198,58€ (live)

    M2 24.03.2017 03.04.2017
    Chicago Weizen ($25 Mini) 1 421,80 430,30 2,02% 198,58 €




    I do not think PL is setup for Apr 1 if I am correct.

    Also regarding the rejection reason, I had the same one which I do not understand what it means.






    Regarding the Platinum i have the same message. If you go to the information from the PL euro contract in IG you see that it is only possible to close positions (picture attached).

    So it looks like we can not open new contracts on the EUR1 contract and when all contracts are closed at IG they will probably remove it.

    This means for the PL we have to move to the July future. The July future 1 contract gives simular results. It is available in PRT but unfortunately it is not in IG.

    The $10 future is available, but to expensive…..

    : the PL trade was not for april1 but for march2


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    That means that PL is probably out of the question henceforth, right? Unless one’s capital can take the risk.



    I’ve sent them an email if they can add the July ’17 future 1 contract to the IG platform. This one has same results as the one we used before. See results in my former post.

    I also asked them to confirm me if the remove the 1 EUR from the platform since it is for closing only.


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    @David and others,

    I got a reply from the helpdesk from IG and they indead cancelled the EUR contract for Platinum. That is the reason why it can only be used for closing positions.

    They will contact the dealing team because they decide if the add the EUR1 contract in the future.

    As i already mentioned: you can trade the mini future in $. The July ’17 future expires June 23rd. So for April2 we can use that but for June2 we can better take the next one, which

    is not available right now.

    The reason i mentioned this morning that it was too expensive is because i made a mistake. The Original code for the EUR 1 has a minimum contractsize of 10.

    I adapt this code to the Future without changing the 10 to 1. Sorry for this confusing.

    The $10 mini June ’17 is fine for trading one contract.



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    Could someone post the robots that are up too date so I can activate the swings? 🙂




    Use this link to always access most up to date robots:




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    Did anybody run HG for Mar2?

    I did and backtest did not match live. Backtest exited on 31st, but live couldn’t, probably due to the weekend and exited midnight 2nd/3rd instead.

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    Hi @DAJVOP,

    I did run the HG for Mar2 and mine is still open. no exist happened on 31/3





    Hi David,

    I didn’t run it, but it closed already on the 30th. in BT. Way before weekend.



    Hi Patrick

    It seems as though you test v1, I ran v2.

    which version do you run?


    Patrick it seems as though v1 only uses spread 3. Change it to 30 and your version will also exit on the 31st.

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