How to share your ProRealTime code in this website?

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To add your post to the Library, just start by clicking the “+” button on the top navigation bar of the website.


You will be redirected to the posting page :



You’ll find a description below of the 7 steps to share your code.


Step 1 : Upload a picture

It’s better for everyone to see what you are talking about. So you must upload a picture/screenshot of your indicator or your screener / strategy results screen to your personnal media library. Just use your own personal screenshot software to save your image or use the “save chart” feature in ProRealTime.


Step 2 : Add a title to your post

Add a title as a short description of what your are posting : Complete name of the indicator, short description of the screener, etc.


Step 3 : File attachments

Here you can add files to your post that will be downloadable by the community. Add your ITF files and any other files of interest (other pictures, PDF description, etc.).


Step 4 : Describe your post

This place is yours. Please describe as much as you would about the code you are sharing, the ideas behind it and any others things you would like the community to know.


Step 5 : Insert pour ProRealTime code (optional)

You can click the “insert PRT code” to directly add your code in the post for everyone to see. ProRealCode has a syntax highlighter that will color and format the code you’ll paste or type in the specific coding window. Adding your code into the description of your post is optional if you add your ITF file as an attachment. Of course it is needed if you are not attaching any file to the post.



Step 6 : Tag your post (optional)

Just like any other social network, you can “tag” your post with terms that will be linked to other posts by the website. For example, if you share a post about an indicator that is for trend trading purpose, then you should tag your post with “trend” term. You can add any terms separated by commas.


Step 7 : Choose the category

This step is important, it will classify your post in the category it meant to be in. Just select what is the purpose of your post here: Indicators (ProBuilder), Screeners (ProScreener) or Strategies (ProBacktest / ProOrder).


Final step : Submit your post

Once you have completed the whole steps of your submission, you can submit your post for review. It will be add to the library shortly. Every post you made can also be edited in the future. If the community appreciates your time and effort for sharing your ProRealTime knowledge, you’ll have soon news when people will start comment, ask questions or even help you improve your idea submission.



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