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    Ciao Gianluca, I received diffent results in my Demo. Do you know why ?

    Italy Cash 40 (1€) contract.

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    I got it …. 😉

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    Thanks for the code, but i got some problems…

    Filtro Elasticita?


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    Hi O-Jay8,

    I am trying to make this fantastic initiative from Grahal go further to allow us to select and enhance performing strategy

    You have contributed to it firstly; would you enter your performances LIVE in order to growth our knowledge?



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    We all like members with big enthusiasm as you are, but please try to not spam topics with the same message. Thanks ,have a good weekend.

    EDIT: All duplicate messages now deleted.

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    I have Pathfinder Swing dax daily in live account and got a notification that it is stopping. I know IG servers went down (couldn’t log in) after market closed yesterday (friday) – maybe that is the reason…

    It has a position which is in profit. If it doesn’t close the position and let it run – will the code continue to look for an exit or should I set a stop loss myself?

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    should I set a stop loss myself?

    If it says the System / strategy is stopping and you haven’t got the box ticked to close trades under such scenarios then yeah deffo set a stop loss yourself.  Even if you have the box ticked I would set a stop loss … if you can!?

    Even close it if you can … never wrong to take a profit … there is always another day to fight the markets! 🙂

    I guess you mean set stop loss via the IG Platform and thereby turn the trade into a manual trade??

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    Yeah, I saw that it was set to closed by default now.

    I started a new account for automatic/systematic only and I really want to keep any manual interference to a minimum, but I guess you’re right. I wasn’t sure if the strategy somehow still runs in the background or if orphan means that it’s on it’s own, but the latter makes most sense and then I better set a stop loss. Thanks for the advice.

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    I really want to keep any manual interference to a minimum,

    You could wait until the DAX trades again on Sunday night at 23:00 (uct+1) and then either the strategy will  stop no problem or you may end up with strategy stopped and an orphan trade … so keep a watch out for orphans!

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    HI Everybody,

    do you have somewhere the last update of xls sheet concerning the seasonality for the DAX ?


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    In fact, i’m looking for the best current parameters for the dax with 200kbars

    Many thanks

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    Hello Guys,

    Since this topic came up again, I was intrigued to do a full analysis of how the full year swing strategies performed since creation. I must say I am surprised. I forgot about them completely as I marked them as failure.
    See attached the picture with all indices swing strategies I created. I created them more or less 1,5 years ago.
    They are long only strategies. Analysis is a bit distorted as 1 contract in DOW, Dax, FTSE etc. has now obviously a higher value than 10 years ago.

    , I included your mentioned MIB strategy. I am happy for you that you were very lucky since creation date as all 9 trades were profitable.
    Nevertheless, I am very cautious with that strategy as it has only a backtest of 53 trades.

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    A swing daily trade should not made too much trade in my opinion. And should be  appropriate to the market and the moment that the market is living. As i said before, is useless to use a system backtested taking into consideration the years before 2008. I am speaking for the MIB algo. Mib was over 30k before the big crisis and after that moved betwen 14 and 24.5 that why i create the system to take in consideration only that period.

    Btw you make a great work.

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    Hi, guys by scrolling thorugh the most part of the forum im wondering if this is still working. And what would be the most optimized right now?

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