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    I’m preparing Mib a2


    Here is Cotton .. you can half the risk by setting APRIL2 = 1 .
    But with the other numbers being so good, I think its worth the risk as it is.


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    No good result for MIB in A2. I think that it’s better to skip to may.

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    EU Stocks closed with a profit:

    A1 06.04.2017 11.04.2017
    EU Stocks 50 Kassa (2EUR Mini Kontrakt) 3 3.456,40 3.476,70 0,59% 121,80 €


    And SMI algo opened a position:

    A1 11.04.2017
    Schweiz Blue Chip Kassa (2CHF Mini Kontrakt) 3 8.611,70





    Ciao Ale,

    non è che potresti spiegarmi bene come fai a modificare le swing per il mese successivo? So che l’hai fatta per il MIB e le performance non sono convincenti per aprile, ti ringrazio per il consiglio, innanzitutto.

    Ho letto il post di istruzioni di Reiner ma se puoi darmi tu una mano per far la cosa step by step te ne sarei molto grato. Anche perchè in sto periodo in ufficio è un mortorio e posso utilizzare i tempi morti facendo qualcosa per il bene si tutti noi 😉

    E di tempi morti nel mio ufficio ce ne saranno a bizzeffe anche per modificare i mesi successivi.

    Ti ringrazio anticipatamente.



    Dimenticavo, la mia mail è la seguente:



    Cocoa algo opened a position:

    A1 12.04.2017
    New York Kakao (EUR1 Kontrakt) 3 1.973,00

    Phew, I am running a lot of contracts now.

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    Where are your stop and limit?

    I forgot to change to 3 contracts so mine was rejected.


    @David: Cocoa-> (Buy) Level 1973, Stop 1795, Limit 2151

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    New openings this morning:

    A1 13.04.2017
    Italien 40 Kassa (1EUR Mini Kontrakt) 1 19.993,80
    A1 13.04.2017
    Frankreich 40 (2EUR) 2 5.096,70
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    Hi pfelier,

    thanks for work! if you need some help by us to manage the forum, please don’t hesitate to delegate some parts of the work.

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    I am not sure what to do with Wheat and Corn:

    • 1 EUR mini has only two months of backtest data on a daily time frame, which ist just too little to make a tradeable algo
    • MAY-14 contract expires at 27.04.2017, when we will have an rollover which does generate a lot of costs and kicks out the algo

    Right now, I am about to skip Wheat and Corn for this period until we have better contracts.
    What do you think?



    I have uploaded a new package for APRIL2 “Pathfinder Swing 04 APR2” to DropBox.

    Please have a look, your comments to the packages has always been very helpful. 🙂

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    at Pfeiler,
    about wheat and corn, yes I’m agree.


    All looks good!

    Why is there a copy of both DOW and GOLD in backup?

    I will see if I can run C and W on futures instead.

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