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    Further to me not getting executed on Soyabeams, I’m 95% decision made that I’m going to run all my Systems on Demo Forward Test … it’s too scary all these variations … I’m getting like Nicolas … can’t get to sleep 🙂 (for ‘fear’ 🙂 not mental stimulation as Nicolas!).

    On Demo I also can then eyeball the entry / exit point … especially in regard to where the ‘perceived’ Elliott Wave is at the moment of entry / exit. A good thing happened with me  re Corn and Wheat! My Systems got rejected (due to min size not 15) so I did manual trades.

    As we know Corn and Wheat Auto-System recently exit just in front of a move up if I recall correctly? I made a judgement that the 61.8% retracement (I think it was? no time to check back) would reverse and continue up on the 5th Elliott Wave (if I recall correctly) and so left my manual trades running. Yesterday I exited Corn at a good profit and today Wheat is very near back in the money for me on my manual trade. So out of bad came good! 🙂

    I am surprised at the few Auto-Systems on here that attempt to take account of Elliott Waves? I’m not great at complex coding and so I can’t do one sorry.

    Just a few thoughts anyway, might spark a a few ideas / comments from others?


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    Attached the AEX for M2A1A2.

    DD <10%, winning trades >85%.

    There is a higher PF possible but with a higher DD. Maybe you can improve it.




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    Hi Guys,

    a lot of robots are neened for next period

    Mar2 (16.03. – 31.03)

    • Palladium, Natural Gas, Coffee, Wheat, Platinium, Gold, Cooper
    • AEX, China, NIFTY, DOW, DAX, S&P500, SAF, CAC, ASX, Hang Seng, FTSE, SMI, Euro Stoxx 50, Bund, OMX, MIB

    Here the last assignment:

    • Patrick: SP500, AEX
    • Flo:  DAX
    • Jesús: DOW, Wheat
    • ALE:  MIB, Platinium
    • Mark: FTSE, Cooper
    • Michael: SMI,
    • traderfred: CAC,
    • Pfeiler: Bund,
    • Kasper:  OMX, Gold
    • Arno: Euro STOXX, Palladium
    • David:  HANGSENG, ASX
    • Alco: Natural Gas
    • Aloysius: SAF
    • Brage: Coffee
    • N.N.: Gasoline, Life Cattle (new instruments)

    Please give me a short notice who is still on board. It would be great if you could check your instruments and provide a version until end of next week.

    We’ll trade only the best setups.

    Thanks, Reiner

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    The Corn and Wheat were closed due to expiration of the March futures and at that moment indead in front of the move up.

    It is only one setting in IG to roll them over to the next future. You do not have to do it again the next time. Once it is set you’re done.

    IG rolled them over in the evening with a discount of 60% on the spread. It went very smoothly and they also put back in the stoploss and the

    takeprofit adjusted to the new futurelevels. From my site there was no complain of how they took care of it.

    I understand that you think it is a bit scary all these variations. But i think that errors and adjustments eventualy will come to an end. I also

    had a couple of issues in the beginning. When you have everything in demo running you won’t see these issues. BT behave sometimes different from the real

    trades. And i think you will only find that out in live trading.



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    Which Life Cattle  and do they have a multiplier for M2 and so on….?




    the mini instrument with the longest data history, life cattle saisonality starts at end of May




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    BUND for MAR2 is not so bad. Just a few trades, but always a winner.
    Instrument for it is “BUND (EUR 1 Kontrakt)”

    Also for MAR1 it performs quite well.
    Just in case you need more trades now ;-).

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    @Patrick was it my imagination or was there a very wide spread when March rolled over to May on Corn and / or Wheat? I didn’t bother checking in detail as I was on a Daily funded Bet / DFB (that don’t roll over), but I recall thinking maybe its best to do a self-exit March and Entry on May rather than let ‘IG roll you over’?

    When you think about it, IG have a captive audience at contract rollover (lambs to the slaughter?) and it could be so easy for them to widen the spread at rollover?? Okay they discount 60%, but 60% of what?? Maybe I’m wrong and the spread at rollover was not excessive??




    Do your new positions on C/Pa/W show in PRT or IG or both?

    Best regards, David



    ASX swing for Mar2 and Apr1. 76 % winning positions and 25 % drawdown.

    Best regards, David

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    The transfers were effected after closing of the market. Attached you’ll see a copy of the statement of the sell and buy of the Wheat.

    The market closes at 20.20 CET and according to the rollover information the price is settled based on the official settlementprice.

    I understand that they can manipulate this price, but it didn’t happen.

    Please check the timestamps in the attachments. Sell and buy on the exact same time. If you check than the last minutebar of the May future

    on February 27th. on 20.19 you do not see any extreme hopping of the price. The buy is at 439,05.

    I can not show you the picture of the sell of the March Wheat because that one does not exist anymore, but it was settled the same way at closingprice

    after marketclosing.

    I give in i also was a bit worried to get slaughtered but my impression is that it didn’t happen.

    The spread is just one for Wheat mini $ 25. I’ve showed you the underlaying info. It does not look excessive to me.



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    I closed the PA the last day (Feb.27th.) manually.

    C and W new positions were shown both in PRT and in IG. The only thing is that you have to open in PRT the

    new future May because the existing future expired. And the new positions were of course not controlled by an

    algo. So you need to close them manually whenever you want to.

    At the moment IG closed the March future the algo stopped in ProOrder.




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    attached are the current Pathfinder swing positions

    sorry for the inconvience regarding the future expiry but I think despite everything nobody lost really money or?

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    Thank you Reiner.

    Not really inconvience but more a learning process. I didn’t lose any money and if i did, that is also part of the proces.




    I noticed that you do not have the PF hour anymore in your overview.

    May i ask why you deleted it?



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