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    I confirm my demo account is at market.



    the platinum christmas trade take of like a rocket, seasonal pattern trading can be so profitable

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    … it seems aureus 🙂



    Hi guys,

    I’m confused because I have started all the bots in demo mode but didn’t get the silver signal yesterday. Today in backtest mode everything is as expected a long signal at 1630. That is the first time using demo mode and I thought that demo mode works like real trading with trade trigger in real time and not 1 candle delayed :-(.

    Can someone please enlighten me.




    I don’t understand your question, I’ve attached file , this is the situation…


    is your screenshoot from demo or life account?


    Demo account!

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    also if … can’t wait to start in real ..:-P



    normally demo works the same as live.

    if you activated/started the system in demo it opens the position at the same time as it would in live mode. and you would get your email (if activated).


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    Hi Reiner. I have now the possibility to test with PRT v10.3 . is this also what you backtestet Silver with? When I backtest it I don’t get a entry signal on silver on 5th jan. It also yields different results that PRT V10.2 backtest in general. I use the Silver (500 oz Mini contracts) in demo. So perhaps in general there is some differences as I would expect PRT 10.3 to be more realistic with the tick by tick mode.

    I will try and test some more later when I get back home. But this is the initial findings.

    cheers Kasper



    silver open position il my live demo account


    Hi Kasper,

    I have checked again the scenario. In backtest and life the cross over was successful (signalline 1.598,99 / dailyHigh 1.598,9) and in demo not (signalline 1.599,9 / dailyHigh 1.599,9) because of a few pips behind the comma.

    We have to accept that backtest, demo and life data aren’t 100% equal.

    Best, Reiner

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    Hey Reiner,

    is there a specific reason why you use this strategy with etfs and not cfd?

    I thought it is because of the spread at night, but I checked yesterday and the spread is allway 2 points. even at 0.00am. (At least for palladium and platin)



    Hi Flo,

    I manage several accounts with different brokers and I’m using the swing trading approach for my accounts that are not hosted by IG and trading ETFs or futures.

    Best, Reiner


    Just want to confirm that I don’t have a position in silver on my IG demo. I asume it’s important to make sure that the bot is run on the exact same instrument as Reiner to get the matching signals? I think for me it seems as there are some instruments that are in my live but not in demo.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 2,005 total)

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