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    Good news: Reiner ist still with us and he greets you all. He sent me some commodity algos for March2, which I will check, to see if they meet our high standards 😉 .

    : 3 spotless algos, thx

    : agree, your PL algo is better


    — done (20):

    Natural Gas – Copper – Gold – Palladium – Coffee – Wheat – Platinium – (7)
    Bund – ASX – AEX – SMI – CAC – DOW – China – NIFTY – Hang Seng – DAX – Euro Stoxx 50(STXE) – OMX – S&P500 – (13)

    – needs refinement:

    FTSE – only 3 transactions

    — open (please help out!):

    SAF (Aloysius)
    MIB (ALE)


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    I’ll send all  mib’s result but It’s diffucult to work with it


    I’ve some problem with backtest ts this afternoon, have you same problem?


    Hi guys


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    Hi, sorry for the delay, SAF code will come but I have problems with the backtest too; the variables doesn’t work…. I will try tomorrow.



    I’ve had the same problem this afternoon, with every TS tested, not only with Pathfinder


    I’ve had problems with backtest also today, a real weird issue which I couldn’t even be bothered to explain to get help on here but maybe it’s similar to what you have experienced?

    Backtest orders were triggered up to about half way through the BT period and then the remaining BT period (up to today) there was no orders (but not due to the code).



    Ok, here is FTSE. I reduced Mar2 to 2 instead of 3 to reduce the drawdown from 21 % to 15 %.

    Best regards, David

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    I started to try to understand Pathfinder optimization and I found another data for PA, can someone said me if is better or worse from the version posted by Pfeiler?










    I think that with this data 144% gain instead 122% and less DD, but I want to understand if I done a good job or I’m in error.




    could you upload your version here?


    Here my version

    The two file is the same, I changed only the name M2A0A2

    I dont know how to remove one attached file.

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    I have uploaded packages of the seasonal Algo in a DropBox shared folder.
    You can find the link on the topics first page or here:
    Please check, if you can download and use the algos. I will update March2 to v2 on saturday as a final package (then I am on holiday for a week).

    I also attached a Pathfinder Swing history, which is a summary of my own live trades with Pathfinder Swing. I started with demo (as you always should do in the beginning, read introduction on first page!), missed  some trades and closed some trades manually. So your results will be different. But it should give you a glimpse, that PF Swing is indeed profitable and worth the effort.

    My result in 2 Months is 4902€ profit, with a 15k€ credit/deposit and a drawdown of approx. 2000€.
    Most of the CFD costs were balanced with dividends from the indices (surprisingly).



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    @Pfeiler – Many thanks for giving up your valuable time and organising this, much appreciated. I can confirm that the dropbox folder and the files are accessible. Have tested a couple of the files and they work fine.

    P.S – I agree, for me the dividend offset of the financing costs is a nice bonus as well 🙂

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    @Ale, @David: Thx! With your algos we are “feature-complete”.

    : Can you please upload a screenshot of your algo detail view and/or compare it with the attached detailed view. Low DD is FTW.

    I checked Reiners algos and they are a little bit better. He optimized more on drawdown than on high gain.
    I do not want to overrule the existing algos, I just choose those for the final package with better numbers, which I will trade, and move others to backup. You decide with which you go live.

    NG – better DD: 886€ vs 3296€
    PA – better DD: 486€ vs 2320€
    PL – better Ratio win/loss: 14,26 vs 5,63
    W – better DD: 927€ vs 1870€

    Further inspection would need:
    Coffee – high DD 2295€ and low gain 104% for DD (cant get Reiners algo working probably .. too high DD)
    HG – only 28% gain with DD 1316€ ( I have another image Pathfinder-Swing-Copper-Mar2.jpg  with better results but no itf?!)
    NIFTY – high DD 3240€
    SMI – high DD 2588€ with “only” 151% gain



    Hi, here is the code for SAF. As 1 Zar=0.071€, the drawdown is about 2200€ and the gain 11000€. Maybe not very interesting.


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