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    Hi All,

    Im hoping someone can help a new starter in this field. Ive created a (very) basic auto trade system but it wont allow me to have both a Stop Loss and Trailing stop. Looking at other forum posts for a few hours I can see this is a common issue. Ive found some scripts created by other then enable this feature but dont understand how I can incorporate this into my own script?

    Appreciate this is a very cheeky ask, but would someone please amend my code so I have both a stop loss (20 points/pips) and a Trailing stop (5 points/pips) that I can run. Thanks in advance



    Hi Bob,

    Try this…

    TimeFrame: 15 minuten




    your trail stop must be larger than your stop loss, otherwise only the trail stop works, so your position to be closed always ends up at your trail stop.


    Ah, thank you both for the replies, think this is making more sense now.

    Thanks again!


    Hi JS,

    Does a trailingstop and a stoploss work together in your systems? Beacause I have found out, that it isn’t the case, see my post in the Pro order support.





    I don’t use them together in my systems, I just use a “(custom) trailing stop” in IB…

    (I would make the “StopLoss” part of the TS myself…)

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    Ok, Thnx!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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