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    I also have the same with the EU Stocks 50. The EUR1 is available in PRT but not anymore in IG.

    Only the EUR2 is in IG available.

    When you have the time can you please verify for me in Sweden?

    Thank you.




    Sorry, my bad. Yes, in IG both CAC 1€ mini and EU Stocks 50 1€ are gone.

    Both are still available in PRT.


    Ok, thanks David.

    I think we can determine that they are not tradable via ProOrder.





    I’ve sent the question on to my contact at IG.

    Best regards, David

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    ASX closed at 2pm at 5768.1 after gain from 5708.9.


    Can confirm the China H closing @ 10,066.3 with a 82.9 pt loss. Slightly unfortunate timing as the position would now have been in a 136pt gain as of now.


    CAC algo has a very low drawdown .. shouldnt be a problem to trade with CAC EUR2. EUROSTOXX EUR2 will be definitly riskier.

    Me actually, I cant change and adapt to EUR2 since I am in holidays without a PC. Will miss those two, since I am very bullish for indices the next 4 weeks.


    @Pfeiler: I tried a full algo for HG Cooper respectively to your algo, you did post a while ago. (Silver if I recall correctly)

    There is a problem for consecutive seasons: i.e. if an entry occurs in end of march but the trade runs into april, the algo is considering the parameters of april to exit the trade and not the parameters for the second half of march anymore.

    To avoid this, I just made two full year algos where 2 seasons in a row do not appear. There must be another solution, so if somebody has an idea, please share.

    A bigger problem is the difference between the full year algo and the individual algo for a month. Especially for Feb1 in this case. I do not understand why the full year algo has often a few more trades than the individual algo for the month. Does somebody has an idea for that?

    BTW: I left September out because I didnt get any good results, but if somebody does, please share.

    Attached are the two full year algos.

    Kind regards


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    Hi O-jay8 if an entry occurs in end of march but the trade runs into april … you have the option to leave the trade running until it closes by the same System (Mar2) under which the trade opened?

    I agree, the Mar2 System Entry and Exit variables are optimised for Mar2 and in April it’s not Mar2 period … I guess that is what you are saying?

    Solution would be to monitor any / all Daily Swings after end of respective periods and if in profit then manual close? Exception would be if the market structure looks to favour increasing profits then keep position open. Same goes for losing trades?

    Just a few thoughts


    Hi everyone,

    What are your thoughts on running only the commodities live? Do you think this could work or does it need a pool of commodities and indices to hedge?

    Appreciate any thoughts,



    @ O-jay8  you say …  I do not understand why the full year algo has often a few more trades than the individual algo for the month … if your variables are optimised for different periods (12 months compared to 2 weeks / 4 weeks?) then one would expect there to be differences in the number of trades executed between a 12 month System and 1 month System.

    Or am I misunderstanding what you are saying / asking?



    @ Grahal, To compare the full year algo with an individual algo for a season, I have put all other not relevant seasonal multis to zero. Otherwise it would indeed make no sense to compare it.

    For example I only want to compare the first two weeks of February (Feb1). So I put all seasonal multis to Zero except FEb1 and use the same parameters for the individual algo for the month. And in this comparison, I do not get the exact same results, which surprises me to be honest.

    Kind regards



    Hi Oliver

    I agree, it is surprising.

    Put the two sets of codes on the link below (left side & right side) press compare and see if any difference? Only takes 2 mins / as fast as you can copy and paste.

    Let us know how you get on please?



    If this Thread would like to log trades in the same way as we are doing on the ‘Reiner 4H System’ then please feel free using the link below.

    It is accessible to anyone with the link (no need for google account or gmail) so please bookmark and use if you wish.

    I will back-up daily.


    PS Attached the ‘4H Trade Log’ so you can see the format and results.


    about the CAC lotsize

    its still 1 contract but 2 EURO per point

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