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    Here is the algo for NG again. I hope this time everything is alright. It always trades above min. contract size 2.5.
    It has a high DD but also a very good gain. It is worth the risk (and no alternative).

    I started it right away in live, because it also works in period MARCH2.

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    I had a go at NIKKEI. Not sure if the spread is correct. If it opens at 1am then it is 8, but if it opens at 00.00 then it is 30. But it seems as though most daily indices opens at 1am.

    Any other commodity/index that isn’t taken by those of us who are still active?

    Best regards, David

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    And Soybeans.

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    BUND closed with 177€ loss

    M1 06.03.2017 23.03.2017
    Bund (EUR1 Kontrakt) 3 16.101,00 16.042,00 -0,37% -177,00 €

    Hi Dajvop,

    I see you used the Nikkei algo for the 4h timeframe. That is probably why you have only 7 trades and a backtest to 2012. But still looks very promising.

    I have tried myself on Nikkei as well. Here is the algo for April1 on the daily timeframe

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    Thanks for noticing my rookie mistake, always good with another pair of eyes 🙂



    Here is the CAC for April 1, 2 and May1

    Not so bad ..

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    SPTRD long at 1am at 2347.

    DOW long at 1am at 20679.1.

    SMI long at 1 am at 8624.1.


    Had a go at OMX also.

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    David, do you sleep at all?! At 03:39 I was still dreaming 😉

    Mais closed with a loss of 260,46€

    M1 10.03.2017 24.03.2017
    Mais ($25 Mini) 1 367,60 356,40 -3,05% -260,46 €

    Confirm openings:

    M2 24.12.2017
    US 500 Kassa (1E Kontrakt) 12 2.347,00
    M2 24.12.2017
    FTSE 100 Kassa (1E Kontrakt) 2 7.335,30
    M2 24.12.2017
    Chicago Weizen ($25 Mini) 1 421,80

    12 contracts of US500 is suprising, but in the algo we have “positionSize = 4” and “March2 = 3” .. so it is ok.





    morning everyone,


    US500  got rejected on my account and the reason is attached. any explanation?


    no sing of Wheat position opened on mine








    Morning maleknf, I’ve had this error before … you need to pick another option from the list of re epic codes for US500 … some codes are only available in certain countries.

    A certain code can be available in UK whereas codes that look same / very similar are not available.


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    Hello everyone,

    First of all I want to thank everyone for the work you are doing here on the forum with these strategies.

    I’m writing only now but it’s a long time that I follow the forum and especially the threads of the Pathfinder 4h and Swings.

    Me and a couple of friends are following both type of strategies and we have some of them running in demo and some in live accounts.

    We would like to ask you some questions and we would also like to participate more actively in the forum giving you a hand in changing the future swings and understand something more about how they work.

    Yesterday we tried to change the soy swing, just to get exercise, changing the values ​​of the months in which it should run or not.

    We noticed that we could simply put the value 0 (ZERO) in the months we are not interested to use the strategy and a 1 in the months that interests us to run it.

    Making a Backtest seems correct.

    We also followed the Reiner roadmap to insert the correct size with which the strategy has to enter “in the game” but we had some problems;

    if in the road map there’s a 1 or a 2 or a 3 what we have to change, precisely, to make the strategy correct?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

    Kind regards,






    Welcome to the pathfinder forums.

    Yes, you are correct. A month = 0 will not open a trade. A month = 1 will open a position with positionsize x 1. A month = 2 will open a position with positionsize x 2 etc.


    I am on Hong Kong time for another month, so 03.39 was 10.39 for me 🙂

    Best regards, David


    Here the algos for Cacao, Nasdaq, and US500 (wasn’t already done for APRIL1).

    I will update and post the comparison spreadsheet ..  we still need to review GOLD and I had problems with the Wall Street algo.

Viewing 15 posts - 736 through 750 (of 2,005 total)

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