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    Hi Reiner. That great you found the reason. As long as we can explain the behaviour, its good 🙂

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    Hi Guys,

    Are you using pathfinder daily to generate which instrument is currently trending? Then manually trading that specific instrument? If so, what are your criteria once entered, e.g.. stop loss? risk? entry/exit?

    I wonder if you could take a moment to explain your process of this trading strategy?



    Yes, that is Reiners idea. He checks about 25 instruments, which fit best for the Daily Pathfinder (see
    If he knows which instruments work best in which season, he optimises these instrument-strategies (again!) for their timeframe and runs em as swing strategies (on a demo account, because he wants the strategies only for the trading signals).

    So in January you can run so far:




    I understand the demo part to generate signals, the bit im confused with is when to get in and out once these signals are generated, is it manual or automated?


    You can do it both ways. the system is automated and you can just trade it via cfds. but you are also able to take the signals and trade them manual. there is no “correct”. whatever feels best for you is the way you should do it. I think everybody hast to make his own decision here

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    Im on board now, just read everything back, understand it now, thanks for your help 🙂


    Hi Guys,

    please find attached the Pathfinder swing roadmap for the whole year. I have tested 30 instruments with Pathfinder daily V2 to find the best possible setups for this idea. I found some additional instruments such as Cotton, Wheat, ASX, SMI and SFA. What you see here is the best seasonal adjustments for the maximum available data history tested with PRT premium 10.2 for IG. All tests focused on the two well known Pathfinder TS quality criteria 70% profitable trades and 25% maximum drawdown.

    I have connected the instrument with the equity clock statistic if available (click on instrument name). The instrument rating (A-C) determine the list order e.g. Palladium, Natural Gas etc. are the best suitable commodities and AEX, DOW, DAX etc are the best indexes.  The value 0 (red) means no trade in that period because backtest has shown no profitable setup. The values 1-3 (light green or dark green) show profitable historical setups (the highest value is always dark

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    I’m interested in helping you, but have no idea where to start.

    I looked into your message earlier where you explained the steps, but was a step too far to be honest.

    If you can show me with one or two via Teamviewer, maybe i have enough info to get me started.



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    count me in. I am happy to help.

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    If I understand correctly you want to set the seasonal condition (e.g. feb2) to 3 for palladium and then optimize the other variables? and then continue with march1, march2… etc?


    Hi Reiner, You have my help to make and verify the backtest for the second period of January and also for the following months.



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    count me in. I am happy to help.

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    Attached i tried the AEX according to your Excel sheet.

    The results are the same as your sheet shows.

    Is this what needs to be done?




    Thanks for your support, we wait until tomorrow and will discuss the next steps

    Guys, I’m off now



    Im happy to help, a bit of training might be needed but im a quick learner.


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