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    I added a Pathfinder Swing Indicator which signals me whether the conditions to open a new position are met.
    In case, I dont believe the trade would be possible, I could stop the ATS intentionally.

    Here the indicator and a picture.
    Unfortunately you have to change the parameters for each Indices or Commodity.

    The arrow indicates a position will be taken the next day. Arrow down is short and arrow up is long.
    One can delete the return of the graph as it would be sufficient enough to have the arrows in the chart.

    Attached also my Algo for Bund Feb2 short as Bund looks to have a short trend.

    Best regards

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    Oats full year:

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    FtseMibCash, The problem of this TS is the MFEvsMAe, the TS have big potential loss, anyone know how we could fix this issues?


    Thought I’d share my FTSE and STXE full year. Only STXE has taken a position since March 21:

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    Thanks Dajvop,

    If only STXE took a position since March 21st, which algo gives you a nice provisional profit of 5K  on the FTSE at the moment?



    That’s FTSE 4h x 4.

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    You said in february that you would review your strategy and do it differently. Could you share what you’ve changed and what it brought you so far?



    Patrick, I quit the 2 week optimizationed trading systems and made new ones, like the 4 I’ve posted here, though most of them have higher drawdown, so I haven’t posted the others here.

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    Thanks David,

    And are you still running the sectors and all the 4H algo’s? And were you already been able to (partly)compensate the losses of february?


    Morning Patrick! No, I shut down all sector systems as they closed in February/March. The overnight fees were eating away all profits. I am running most of the 4h systems (not AG, ASX or AU). No, I have not yet been able to recover the February losses. At my present rate, that should happen in June/July.

    How are you doing?


    Morning David,

    I shut down pretty much everything after february. I’ve only a few running, but not Pathfinder related. With only a few systems running it is difficult to recover losses.

    You’re pretty confident about the upcoming results the coming months. I’m interested in your strategy or where did you bought that glass sphere 🙂 ?


    Well, I’ve been running the Pathfinder systems for over a year now and I think I have a good grasp of what to expect. Though of course the unexpected can always happen 🙂


    @dajvop: This is interesting. You ran Pathfinder now already 1 year live? How is the record including the turmoil in the beginning of this year? Are you still in profit overall? Also it would be interesting to get to know the overall performance of all the pathfinder systems you run in total. As I understand you often switch versions or reoptimize so it is maybe hard to tell but if it is mostly pathfinder systems you run you finally see what your account says.


    @Despair, Yes, I am still in profit overall on the 4h systems, not on the daily swing systems. The 4h systems were not affected by the dip in early February, except DOW 4h (and has not recovered yet), the daily swings were very much so. The 4h systems took the hit in March instead of February. DAX 4h underperformed during 2017 I would say, but the others weighed up for that.

    Best regards,


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    Hi Dajvop,

    Nice Idea with the FY Swing trade.
    One question, die you optimize the full period or did you use OOS or WFT?

    Best regards

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