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    Hi Guys,

    For different reasons I decided to finish all my public projects in this forum. Thanks a lot for your support especially to Nicolas. I’ve learned a lot in the last year. This forum is a great source of PRT know how and inspired me very much.

    Good trades,


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    Sad news but very understanding…

    We will continue and if I have time I will code the suggestions il made to you

    Thanks for your work and time reiner





    With respect for your decision i would like to thank you for your hard work and contributions.

    Hopefully we can ask for your support occasionally.

    All the best.



    Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this project Reiner,

    Good luck for the future



    Thank you very much for your hard work and for sharing your knowledge.


    Gold long from 1am. Anyone else?

    Best regards, David


    @Reiner – thanks for everything you posted here, very inspirational – any way to remain in contact with you in the future ? (if you launch a fund, investment service, or else ?)


    – confirmed 1am @ 1235.5 in demo


    Hello Guys, I am new here and spent the last couple weeks to read through the forum and especially stuck with the Pathfinder algos. I am very impressed by the work you all put in.

    , Thank you for sharing your ideas here in the forum. I wish you all the best and good trading. It is a pity the forum looses you and your knowledge.

    Anyone Cacoa Long at 1924

    Attached is the Algo for Copper.

    , I know you got assigned to it and if you find a better one, please share. I just wanted to get familiar with the Algo and played around to get a good result.

    Best regards


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    Yeah attached is me at time of this message.

    Wheat is my manual trade.


    @Reiner, Thank you very much for the learning and development opportunity you provided us with during your contribution. Wish you all the best.






    thank you very much for all Reiner!


    confirm gold long today at 01,00


    Thank you very much Reiner for your effort and dedication in helping us all in this forum. Thanks also for sharing your strategies and ideas, you have been an inspiration. I hope we can continue to count on your presence here, even if it is not as actively as you have been doing.


    Hello everyone,

    Attached the DOW for M2, A1, A2 and M1


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    Good work, but it is made for 4H timeframe, not daily. In daily, it is still good, but not as good.

    Best regards, David

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    @Alco, NG is not too risky?


    NG has a pretty high drawdown. But it has a high % of winning trades. It depends how much capital you have to trade this instrument.

Viewing 15 posts - 571 through 585 (of 2,005 total)

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