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    Yes pfelier.
    The project has just started. Until December we will look for the best contract optimizations, then we will have to choose the best performing markets, then evaluate the portfolio together and establish risk management rules. There is still a long way to go. If there are other markets that I can optimize in addition to the MIB, I’m ready.

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    NQ A1-2 closed with profit at 5447.7 at 1am.

    I am moving this weekend but I’m back in “office” on Monday, and look forward to help out then.



    A2 18.04.2017 21.04.2017
    US Tech 100 Cash (E1 Contract) 2 5.397,60 5.447,60 0,93% 100,00 €

    I had some time and created algos for all the upcoming instruments. Not so happy with the result, but Rainers Roadmap (attachment on the first page) already predicts a period with low gains.

    Please have a look in the dropbox .. maybe you can find some better numbers and improve them! 🙂

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    Japan algo closed with a nice profit:

    A1 04.04.2017 24.04.2017
    Japan 225 Kassa (1$ Mini Kontrakt) 1 18.991,80 18.945,20 -0,25% -42,95 €
    A1 10.04.2017 24.04.2017
    Japan 225 Kassa (1$ Mini Kontrakt) 1 18.778,90 18.945,20 0,89% 152,33 €
    A2 17.04.2017 24.04.2017
    Japan 225 Kassa (1$ Mini Kontrakt) 1 18.307,20 18.945,20 3,48% 584,41 €




    @Patrick: Cudos for staying in the market last week and not get cold feet like I did. You earn every cent by sticking with your algos .. must be a small fortune (4k+?)
    Please remind me of this post, next time when I think I can do better than our forged algos and their reliable statistics.


    Hi Pfeiler,

    I’ve closed a couple of positions last week. The CAC when the result was more or less zero and i had manual one position Nikkei (not your three). I also closed that last week with a small

    positive result. This night i closed manual the OMX (+ € 1.733,56). The FTSE closed automaticly this night at 01.00 o’clock (loss  € 690,80). I have still have the DOW. These are still open

    and came from a potential loss of € 1.475,10 to a potential profit at this moment of € 780,00. But i also have the future may wheat (loss € 285,00), cacao (loss € 310).

    So, i’m happy with the results right now but i could not ride it all out. I also found the risks too high. Without Macron winning in France we could have been in a very different situation.

    The +4K is not there yet, but could possibly be. The beginning of april started also good.

    It is difficult to stay stable and keep quiet when losses piling up. Unfortunately i have seen it too many times last years. Maybe i’m more used to it. Everybody situation is different and everybody

    should make choices what feels right with his situation. I’m affraid it will never be easy.

    I’ve also thought about your positions last night. I know you should not look back but the mind does unfortunately. It is inevitable.

    But i think David has done a much better job. He runs everything and waits until everything closes.

    Take it away David:-)



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    @Pfeiler, thanks again for your effort and the new algos in the dropbox.

    I tried some as well and here are my results.

    For Sugar your Algo shows almost similar results.

    Nifty, I am always alert if we have just a limited amount of data available because the sample is not very reliable.

    That is the fact for Coffee arabica as well, as you have only 11 trades, so i would prefer my algo with more trades.

    I tried Cacoa as well but your algo is definately better.

    Best regards


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    Yes, I didn’t close anything manually, but I was very tempted! I have never been down that much until now, but this week it seems to be time for payback.

    I have only had time to try out Cacao, but couldn’t improve it.

    Best regards, David

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    mib may2



    Thanks ojay, but unfortunately I cant’t trade DFB instruments.
    So, for KC and SB we have various min. sizes (see comparison).

    I have put em in backup and labeled them with DFB.


    Thanks Ale for MIB.
    MIB is actually not on the roadmap for this period, but I have added it anyway, since the numbers look ok.
    But I am not sure if I am trading it (RW = 6,36).


    Platin opened a position:

    A2 25.04.2017
    Platin ($10 Mini) 1 966,10

    And MIB and SMI closed with an awesome profit (+1842€):

    A1 06.04.2017 25.04.2017
    Italien 40 Kassa (1EUR Mini Kontrakt) 1 20.155,90 20.700,70 2,70% 544,80 €
    A1 11.04.2017 25.04.2017
    Schweiz Blue Chip Kassa (2CHF Mini Kontrakt) 3 8.611,70 8.718,50 1,24% 590,37 €
    A1 13.04.2017 25.04.2017
    Italien 40 Kassa (1EUR Mini Kontrakt) 1 19.993,80 20.700,70 3,54% 706,90 €

    First MIB position was in the market for 19! days, but the results show, it is worth waiting.
    But this cost me a lot of nerves. (<- pretty sure you can’t say that in english, german guys know what I mean  🙂 )


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    Now I have tried to improve all your algos without success 🙂

    Best regards, David

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    I’m a little bit lost 🙂

    is there remaining algos to improve for the coming month?

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