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    Hi guys,

    I had time to work a little bit on my trading systems.

    I have developed a V2 of the Pathfinder swing template. The following new features are possible now:

    • one template for long and short trades
    • payout a certain amount of money
    • an optional accumulation mode for very bullish or bearish times

    The V2 template is backward compatible and can be used in the same way as V1. The new features offer more opportunities and flexibility for the Pathfinder swing robots especially for short trading.

    Please find attached some samples for DAX and HANGSENG.


    • comparison of V1 and V2 for March/April
    • short robot for August/September


    • short robot for May/June

    Best, Reiner

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    • short robot for May/June
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    Hi Guys,


    Living in the U.K we’re using pro real time via I.G index.    We know that a lot of the swings are based on mini contracts but we are unable to find the appropriate ones through I.G .  I presume I.G do not offer mini contracts.

    So guys…. Living  in the U.K what would be the best way to trade manually  for e.g Dax mini ?   Hopefully this will help clear it up for others too..  Thanks Reiner for your new post, I’ll be looking into great detail soon.





    IG UK offers the same mini’s as all other countries. In attached link you will find the value after the slash.

    If you go to your platform to the left you see all the markets. When you scroll down to the bottom you’ll find all the mini’s.

    In PRT just give in the code from the picture in the upper left corner.

    For specific UK issues (like spread betting) maybe someone from the UK can answer them.

    Good luck.





    here are some explanations for the new Pathfinder swing V2 features:

    Pathfinder swing idea based on the concept that the robots accumulate positions in the correction of a potential up trend. This logic means that most of the positions are in loss at the beginning and I have the feeling that this is hard for some of the traders. With the variable maxProfit the position will closed at the next open bar if the profit is above that level. With this little logic the number of profitable trades can be increase but of course it will limit the potential profit as well.

    As mentioned above we expect that based on statistical analysis the price will probably recover after a correction.  In V1 the algo cumulates carefully  but if we know we are probably in a very bullish or bearish setup we can accumulate more aggressively. I have added two further conditions for cumulation but take care higher positions mean higher drawdowns as well. If the accumulation mode is switched off it works like in V1.

    V2 can used for short trading now. The logic is controlled by the well known saisonal settings -multiplier.

    Depending of the instrument short results are better if the accumulation mode for the long or short side is activated. Please be aware that you can’t trade long and short with the same robot.

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    Great to have some technical improvements from Reiner. Feels like having a brand-new  fishing-rod for the next period. 🙂
    I have updated the dropbox and installed the HS short algo. I also added a long/short column in the comparison sheet.

    I am looking forward to use the new V2 algo design for the instruments of MAY2.


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    About time to think for algos for the next season MAY2.

    I have choosen instruments for long algos in the usual way and added some instruments to try out for short algos.
    For short algos I have started with non-europe index instruments which have a lot of red zeros ahead from MAY2 (Roadmap). Hope we find a winner like this.
    Please have a look at the attachment or comparison .

    and all: If you have additional remarks please let me know.



    Silver for May 2.

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    I have tried to do something with Gold, both May and June together and separately, but I can’t make it look good.


    IG added US dollar basket 1 EUR into their platform for who is interested.

    Kind regards,


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    avatar ALE

    I’ve tried AEX May2.

    Attached the results and the itf. file.

    I don’t think it is good enough. Winning trades is 61% and the DD is € 2.200,00.

    I created it with the Walkforward tests. What i was wondering while running the tests. Is it useful a walkforward test with “out of sample ” repetition when the code is

    just for the first or second part of a month? In other words: when all periods are zero what is the use of  a walkforward out of sample test?



    Now I have tried the rest for May2. I can’t get any good figures without over-optimising. Hopefully someone else can…

    maybe it is still useful if there is enough trades to base it on? I mean, the market is never exactly the same twice.

    Best regards, David

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    One of the two Platinum positions just got stopped out @ 898,50 with a loss of € 622.53.


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    A2 27.04.2017 04.05.2017
    Platin ($10 Mini) 1 953,00 898,50 -5,72% -622,53 €

    People dont buy jewelery anymore?! :-\



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    Hi Guys,

    Here are the Algos I tried.

    Cacoa has not a good result. If somebody finds something better, go for it.

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