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    PL looks very promising.

    KC gets a bit high drawdown when the positionsize is changed to 1.5 and the spread to 30.

    Regarding my post #35806, I can’t find that bit of coding again. Now I get the same results with V2 as with V1.

    Best regards, David


    @ Dajvop, You are right. As I only copy – paste the itf. I totally forget to amend the spread.


    Guys .. I am really, really sorry.
    But I need to take a break from algo trading, since I am very much involved in crypto-investing and -mining.
    Right now, crypto is very time consuming and for mining  I need more resources and I can’t just keep up with both algo and crypto.

    I am a software developer and there is a kind of goldrush going on since Ethereum started and I just want to be sure, that I can involve with my technical skills in this as much as I can.
    I hope you agree, that somebody has to pursue and concentrate on what he is passionate about.

    Algo trading is still awesome, especially if you are lucky to find so friendly, encouraged and likeminded people like in this forum.
    I still am convinced, with Pathfinder Reiner found the rough schema for the holy grail of algo trading and with more refinement there is a decent profit in it.

    I would really like to see this thread continuing, so please contact me to become an editor for the Google Spreadsheets and the drop box folders:


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    Pfeiler -It’s totally understandable. I’m sure everyone here (including myself) is very appreciative of the hard work you’ve put in every month to keep this project going. We’ll hopefully be able to continue on this work in the future.  Good luck in your existing ventures, take care.

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    Of course you should pursue what you are passionate about. Too few do that.

    Thank you for your time and energy you have put into this thread.

    Good luck and take care.

    Best regards, David

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    Thank you for your contribution and your work for the last couple of months.

    I still hope that we can count on you and Reiner from time to time in the near future.

    I really hope someone with coding experience will step foreward. I can help, but have not enough knowledge and have

    no background in coding. Simply said: not good enough. I’m already happy if i can keep track with the information provided.

    A lot of people follow this forum and download the code without any contribution. Before Reiner stopped his daily

    contribution a couple of followers with coding experience came with ideas but were quiet since than.

    This project can only get better if the work will get checked by people with codingexperience

    or codingbackground. It is already great and amazing we all got this for free but anyone who feals addressed, step foreward and do not

    keep everything for yourself and let we all try to improve this project.



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    AEX long x 1.


    Attached the Bund for Jun1.

    I set the multiplier for Jun1 to 2. This has a drawdown of 8.2%.

    If you want to reduce your risk you can adjust it to 1. The DD drops than to 4,15%.

    With bigger risk set it to 3. the DD will be 12,14%.

    Befor copy/paste i recommend that someone else have a look and post his findings.





    I just optimized the DAX Jun1 (long) when i found out a little too late that you already done that….:-(

    But attached my results.

    Something to consider?




    I like yours more. Same drawdown, but higher gain/loss ratio and better loss.

    How many are there contributing now, or are willing to help out?

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    No idea David. As you can see above i did a call and anyone who feels addressed can contribute.

    A couple of Reiner’s followers ( +120 by the way) should be able to do more than type Control C and Control P 🙂


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    Well, apart from CT that I’ve already posted, I have finished AG, AU, CAC, CC, FTSE, an alternate KC, NG and SB. I will post them this evening and hope to get some feedback.

    Best regards, David

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    I was not able to make something with Gold Jun1.

    Maybe someone else is.


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    Oil Jun1 is also not what we want to see. Anyone else?

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    If someone is willing to maintain the topic (moderate the topic), you can contact me through the contact form.

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