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    Thank you for your NG algo. I’m not sure if yours is better.

    In your code the positionsize is 1. The minimum for the EUR1 contract Natural Gas is 2.5.

    It could be that the DFB in GB is different and the positionsize of 1 is ok, but not suitable for all other countries.

    If you change it 2.5 multiplied by 3 for June1 you get totally different figures.

    Best regards,




    KC minimum is 1.5. Your code says 1 multiplied by -1 is a “no go” when triggered.



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    Hi Guys,

    I have fixed two errors in the V2 template.

    For short trades sometimes the max position size has been exceeded and the saisonal multiplier was not properly considered. Please find attached an example for HangSeng.

    Best, Reiner

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    Thank you for noticing. I have changed the position size to 5 and reduced the multiplier to 1 for Sugar. KC is unusable with the correct position size.


    Thank you!

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    @wp01 you are right in GB the min size is only 1.

    But in my understanding, the multiplier is already at 3, so greater than your minimum required 2.5

    So you can use the algo as it buys always 3 contracts. If you change the pos size i.e. to 3 you have to increase the max pos size as well to have the same linear results.

    Best regards



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    Yes you are right. For jun1 it can be used than with the multiplier 3.

    I’m wondering why IG uses different instruments. I do not think that the leverage is

    different with 2.5 contracts as it is with 1 in the UK.

    Best regards,


    I just saw that we have different Natural Gas to choose from. NG 1€ mini and NG JUL-17. The spreads are quite different, so are the allowed minimum contract. Which one have we used before?



    We only used it two times this year according to the Excel sheet. That was in March2 and in april1.

    We used the 1EURO and the future. What i can remember that Pfeiler could not get any trades in either one of them.

    Thats why we switched. We also had some issues with futures. Expirations and rollover. We preferred to use ongoing contracts. That is also easier.




    Right you are. The spread seems to be only 3 for Natural Gas 1€. I calculated with 20 😉

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    AEX closed long position with profit at 527.9.

    CL opened long x 3.

    PA opened short x 1.


    I didn’t run KC May1, but it seems to have closed with a loss on the 25th. Can anyone confirm?


    afternoon Dajvop,


    I can confirm all trades above including the coffee one.







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    Hi All,

    Are most people aware of the trade log for the swing trades and/or do they find it useful ? As not everyone will be running all the systems, it serves as a useful reference guide so that users are able to monitor the systems’ overall progress and also refer to it to manually open/close trades if they wish to do so.

    Feedback welcome, if you feel it’s not something that regular users would find useful then we can stop updating it.

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    “Please ‘confirm duplicate trades’ by adding Username in Column L.”,  you meant in Column M? 😉


    Yep, Column N actually. Good spot Nicolas ! A couple of columns have been added since the last format update without the corresponding change in the narrative. Have amended now. Thanks 🙂

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