Double top and double bottom SCREENER

Double top and double bottom SCREENER

Hi all,

This is a screener that detect double top and double bottom.

A double top or a double bottom, are chartists figures that announce a reversal of trend. In general, a double top is created in the context of a downward trend and therefore marks its end and a return of the bullish movement while a double bottom,  is created in the context of a downward trend and therefore marks its end and a return of the bullish movement.

Base on my Leo Moving Average indicator, the following screener detects double bottom and double top.

I am looking forward to read your comments and improvements in the systems.

If you earn money with this methodology please share your luck with the people in the world who do not.

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  1. bolsatonimora2 • 10/31/2017 #

    many thanks Leo!!! Great!!

  2. Nicolas • 10/31/2017 #

    Great addition Leo, many thanks for your work on this project and for sharing the code with us! 😉

  3. Leo • 10/31/2017 #

    Thanks for your time invested here as well. I hope we all find a way to made a very profitable strategy out of it

  4. cantillon • 10/31/2017 #

    Thanks Leo, great piece of code !

  5. ali zidouri • 10/31/2017 #

    please help i dont know how to convert code to indicator

  6. ALE • 10/31/2017 #

    Thanks Very Much Leo, could you help us with an example of trading strategy using these signal?

  7. ALE • 10/31/2017 #

    the indicator is here:

  8. Sapo • 10/31/2017 #

    Merci beaucoup pour le partage à bientôt Leo.

  9. Leo • 10/31/2017 #

    Hi all,
    We are adding all our ideas and improvements here :

  10. djtaktik • 10/31/2017 #

    Nice Screener ! Is it possible to screen when a green or red arrow appears ? thks in advance.

    • Leo • 10/31/2017 #

      I do not focus so much in screeners. You can see our progress in the forum.

  11. ludo6977 • 10/31/2017 #

    it’s very good job léo

  12. Mick3y • 10/31/2017 #

    Is there a way to sort the results by price? Let’s say just return stocks under X price? Thanks

  13. rama • 10/31/2017 #

    I am using the this code to buy or sell in a program which is not working

  14. rama • 10/31/2017 #

    I am using

    if [Wpattern=1 and (exactness) then
    buy at market

    however system is not accepting the code for buy orders , what is the correct for buy?

  15. Breeze • 143 days ago #

    Hi Leo. I am not an IT person so I need help to know how I can run this code. I am a trader in South Africa.

    • Nicolas • 142 days ago #

      Download the itf file on this page, import it into your platform and run it through the ProScreener module.

  16. sally31120 • 40 days ago #

    J’ai deux questions concernant Double top and double bottom detector – M&W patterns
    a) A partir de quand les flèches dessinées sur le graphique sont-elles définitives, car :
    « lokbuscas • 25/10/2017 #
    Salut les signaux que la peinture est fantastique. Mais j’ai un doute. L’indicateur repeint-il? ? Dans le passé marque très bien des hauts et des bas Mais dans le présent je n’ai pas de stock que l’indicateur montre les signaux merci »
    « Nicolas • 25/10/2017 #
    Je ne pense pas que cet indicateur “repeigne” la façon dont vous pensez. Il donne des signaux après, mais il ne doit pas supprimer un signal donné une fois la barre fermée. »

    b) Peut-on screener uniquement les flèches en fin de journée et quel en serait le code ?

    Merci par avance pour vos réponses

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