Equilibrium Points

Equilibrium Points

Welles Wilder, the creator of ADX, was calling the crossing points between DI+ and DI- (Directional Indexes) equilibrium points. He was considering these points extremely important to determine the quality of the trend a commodity was undergoing.

This code draws a line on the price to show the distance between the price line and the Equilibrium Point of the day and allows an easier estimation of how much the highs or lows have to move in order to pierce the equilibrium point and cause an inversion of the trend as it is defined by the Directional Movement Indicator.

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  1. Marcel • 10/31/2017 #

    Nice…… Reminds me of the Supertrend indicator.

  2. gabri • 10/31/2017 #

    Agree. Many of those indicators are using very similar ideas. ADX is a very powerful and underestimated tool. I believe that showing other ways to represent it might give to this very useful indicator some more audience.

  3. Marcel • 10/31/2017 #

    But still it is a (lagging) derivation of price itself.

    • gabri • 10/31/2017 #

      All the indicators are lagging because they are all based on historical data.

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