Actual WOLFE WAVE in buy zone

Actual WOLFE WAVE in buy zone

This code could be used in junction my other one, but his code searches for a WOLF WAVE pattern, but now in the actual buy zone, therefore point 5 is in a ascent movement.

The accuracy of the wolf wave can be configurable at the beginning of the code.

The screener generates a list with the values that are matching with the parameters.

It is returned as “Point_1” the value of the first point of Wolf wave, so you need to go to chart and search for this value, in the screenshot was returned the value of 7,71.

Parameters manages by code:

-That point 1 and 3 are not differing more than a percentage value.
-That point 2 and 4 are not differing more than a percentage value.
-That the distance between point 1-3 and point 2-4 are not different more than a number of candles, to avoid a far point 4, for example.
-That ramps 1-2 and 3-4 are not differing more than a percentage, to assure that ramps are within a range of angle.

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  1. joguemon • 02/21/2020 #

    Buenas, he instalado el screener pero no me aparecen los números que indicas…tengo que montar algún indicador para que salgan?…gracias

  2. enriquem • 02/21/2020 #

    No, los numeros no aparecen, Proscreener no permite rotular,
    Lo que devuelve el screener es el punto 1 de los puntos.
    Para facilitar la localización puedes añadir el indicador ZigZag configurado a 4% y te ayudará a encontrar el punto 1, desde ahí simplemente es dibujar una linea que pase desde ese punto 1 y el punto 4.
    Espero que haya sido de ayuda esta explicación, no dudes en consultar.

  3. PeytoLake • 02/21/2020 #

    Hi Enriquem,
    How do I change the timeframe from ‘Daily’ to “5 min”?
    Thank you.

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