Stop Reversal indicator

Stop Reversal indicator

The indicator is pretty similar to a Supertrend but based on fixed steps with pips/points instead of multiple of ATR. The arrows plotted on the price chart are the reversal of this “supertrend”.
I added an option to display or not the line that show the trend and when the price is crossing it (showLine).
The “nPips” setting is the size in points/pips between the current close and the “stop and reverse” trend line. You should adapt it for the instrument and timeframe displayed on your chart.


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  1. Geronima Ortiz • 212 days ago #

    Grazie Nicolas,
    è possibile creare un sistema di trading con questo indicatore?
    Ho provato ma non ci sono riuscita

  2. Geronima Ortiz • 212 days ago #

    Thanks, Nicolas
    is it possible to create a trading system with this indicator?
    I tried but I could not do it

    • Nicolas • 212 days ago #

      Yes of course, be sure to set ‘showline=1’.
      In your trading system, just test if the Close is crossing over or under the black line (variable name = myline). Just like what we do with a usual Supertrend for instance.

  3. Geronima Ortiz • 212 days ago #

    // Definizione dei parametri del codice
    DEFPARAM CumulateOrders = False // Posizioni cumulate disattivate

    // Condizioni per entrare su posizioni long
    indicator1 = CALL “PRC_StopReversal”[0.004, 1]
    c1 = (close >= indicator1)

    IF c1 THEN

    // Condizioni per uscire da posizioni long
    indicator2 = CALL “PRC_StopReversal”[0.004, 1]
    c2 = (close <= indicator2)

    IF c2 THEN

    I was helped by the simplified creation
    I get this result, but it only works long.
    I would like to get the system to look for the best NPIPS.
    Can you help me? thank you

    • Nicolas • 212 days ago #

      You can try to optimize values for instruments/timeframes, like it is explained in this video:

  4. Geronima Ortiz • 211 days ago #

    I’m sorry to come back here,
    I can not transform your indicator into a trading system.
    can you help me?
    I believed that the simplified creation was useful for those like me who do not know anything about language, but no!

    • Nicolas • 211 days ago #

      You should test crossing of close with the indicators line and not if it’s above or below

  5. Geronima Ortiz • 211 days ago #

    // Definizione dei parametri del codice
    DEFPARAM CumulateOrders = False // Posizioni cumulate disattivate

    // Condizioni per entrare su posizioni long
    indicator1 = CALL “PRC_StopReversal”[0.004, 1]
    c1 = (close CROSSES OVER indicator1)

    IF c1 THEN

    // Condizioni per uscire da posizioni long
    indicator2 = CALL “PRC_StopReversal”[0.004, 1]
    c2 = (close CROSSES UNDER indicator2)

    IF c2 THEN

    // Condizioni per entrare su posizioni short
    indicator3 = CALL “PRC_StopReversal”[0.004, 1]
    c3 = (close CROSSES UNDER indicator3)

    IF c3 THEN

    // Condizioni per uscire da posizioni short
    indicator4 = CALL “PRC_StopReversal”[0.004, 1]
    c4 = (close CROSSES OVER indicator4)

    IF c4 THEN

  6. Geronima Ortiz • 211 days ago #

    okay it seems to me that it works.
    I saw the video you reported to me, but I was not able to put NPIPS as a variable in order to optimize it.
    Can you help me please?

    • Nicolas • 211 days ago #

      If you follow the video, it’s easy as 1.2.3 🙂

  7. Geronima Ortiz • 211 days ago #

    I watched the video three times,
    but I can not put the npips parameter as a variable.
    I do not understand how to change the code to do it.
    If you can help me I would be happy, otherwise it does not matter.
    Thank you

    • Geronima Ortiz • 210 days ago #

      I think the video is for an old version of prorealtime, the images do not correspond at all to the current version.
      I abandoned the idea. Do not worry. That’s okay.
      Thank for all

  8. Nicolas • 210 days ago #

    indicator1 = CALL “PRC_StopReversal”[npips, 1]
    and define npips in the optimization window with its start, end and step of variable increment, that’s all 🙂

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