Same Candle Run Analysis Graph

Same Candle Run Analysis Graph

Same Candle Run Analysis Graph returns in graphical format the won/lost total amount results of my Same Candle Run Analysis Tool. The graphical format allows you to more easily see how consistent over time the results have been. It can be used to analyse runs of the same colour candle in any market and on any time frame. Runs of up to 12 candles of the same colour are analysed.

It calculates a simulated result as if you placed a long trade at the close of a run of the same coloured candles and then closed it one candle later. This can give us an idea what has the highest probability of happening next based on historical data. Although it can be used on any time frame on shorter time frames the results can be fairly meaningless due to the amount of market noise. I would advise using it on anything from yearly to 4 hour time frames.

You can select which lines to display by selecting or deselecting Up, Down, or any combination of numbers from One to Twelve. Hover over the graph to identify each line.

The setting ‘CountAll’ can be turned on and off. If ON then the results are calculated using every occurrence of a run. For example a run of three up candles is in fact three runs of one up candle, two runs of two up candles and one run of three up candles and all will be calculated in the results. If set to OFF then just the first occurrence is used – so a run of three up candles for example must be a down candle followed by three up candles.

A spread amount can also be input and is deducted from the results of each trade. Set to zero if you do not want to analyse with spread.

If you want to know what would have happened if you had gone short then obviously short trades would have resulted in the direct opposite results. So a return of +1255 for long trades would be a loss of 1255 if you had done short trades.

I recommend using this tool alongside my Same Candle Run Analysis Tool as that gives additional information such as percentage of winning trades and average return to help with better analysis.

I advise you to download the .ITF file and import it rather than cut and paste the code to ensure that you get full functionality.

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  1. Real Pro • 04/08/2018 #

    Thanks for sharing so much work. This goes in the indicator window, yes?

  2. Real Pro • 04/08/2018 #

    It’s ok, I imported the rtf as suggested now it works.

    What I’m seeing is this – in a solid uptrend, mean reversion is best. In a volatile market, best to follow the immediate trend.

  3. Vonasi • 04/08/2018 #

    Thanks for your thanks Real Pro and yes everyone should import the itf file to make sure that it works. Your conclusions of the graphs will depend upon which market and which time frame you are testing. On indices and longer time frames it clearly confirms the benefits of buying in dips but we must remember that we are always dealing with what has happened and not what will happen! Some markets can clearly be seen to have changed their character at some point. The invention of the computer and automatic trading is quite often a changing point so we should consider putting less interest in earlier data results.

  4. Pepsmile • 04/08/2018 #

    Good job, which could be applied for a spectrum of another indicators.

  5. Pepsmile • 04/08/2018 #

    As to better understand which parameters are better for an indicators in a specific period (and above all, why ?…..)

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