Trend indicator (Evrett Rogers) and Buy/Sell trading signals

Trend indicator (Evrett Rogers) and Buy/Sell trading signals

First indicator:

It uses moving averages, and following their knitting with the price itself gives an indication of the cycle. Trend indicator inspired by the diffusion curve innovation of Evrett Rogers (innovator, first follower, early majority, late majority, latecomer).
It gives an indication of the current cycle and thus maximize the probability of gain in this placing when the cycle is (yellow, opportunity) or (blue, reversal of trend).

From a more technical view, the opportunity phase is the the opening of the stochastic of the unit of higher timeframe (in other words one could have put indicator = stochastic with [50,10] and style (point, 0.5))

  • The red phase is bearish, the price is below all moving averages.
  • the orange phase is a technical rebound, ie the price has crossed the MM20 (this translates into a stochastic above the line H 50 but the macd still under the line H 0)
  • the yellow phase is the opportunity phase, the price crosses the MM50, the macd crosses the line 0.
  • the blue phase, reversal of the trend means that the price now crosses the MM100 while staying under the MM200, it is the so-called intermediate zone of “knitting”
  • light green phase, the price is above the MM200, the trend is bullish but the MM50 (line 0 macd is still under the MM200).
  • dark green phase, the price is above the MM200 is the MM50 also.
  • green bottle phase, the price consolidates, either it passed under the MM20 or under the MM50 but it is above the MM100. This means a consolidation, a pullback or an end of cycle to come.
  • the gray phase is neutral, ie the price is below the MM100 but above the MM200. it is either a cycle end, a wait before leaving congestion ….

The second code is trading signals indicator telling us when to buy or sell the market:
Below the MM200 there is no buy signal. It starts in the technical rebound by plotting a small blue histogram and that until the opportunity phase, its corresponds to the price that hits the upper Bollinger and then gives a signal that an interest is brought to the title (the probability of winning is maximum). Then the signal becomes green, and the larger the histogram, the stronger the signal. There are also signals in the code related to the crossing of the MM50, this means that the macd returns the line 0 is that there is a probable bullish recovery.

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  1. anthon • 09/11/2019 #
  2. anthon • 09/11/2019 #

    Avec plaisir !

  3. Rocketship • 09/11/2019 #

    Great combination, easy to use and quite accurate.

  4. Varadero54 • 09/11/2019 #

    Bonjour Anton … j’ai un message d’erreur … PRT V10.3 ou V11… ne semble pas reconnaître “(proche)” … “ligne 3 commande inconnue” ?

  5. Varadero54 • 09/11/2019 #

    Bonsoir Anthon et merci pour les indicateurs qui semble particulièrement pertinents …
    Pourrais-tu nous indiquer où trouver les screener de la vidéo qui vont avec les indicateurs … mais en version “copier-coller” ou “importer” 😉
    Bon WE

  6. anthon • 09/11/2019 #

    Salut à tous et merci !

    • Varadero54 • 09/11/2019 #

      Bonjour Anthon … pourrais-tu me communiquer l’adresse ou le nom de ta chaine YOUTUBE … je ne la trouve pas ?

  7. cedric croze • 09/11/2019 #

    a premiere vue la chaine youtube n’éxiste plus

  8. Tradingrob • 09/11/2019 #

    Hi all, nice indicator, only i dont get the ‘trendindicator’ with the colorfull stripes working on the end of day email S&P.. I only see a box below with a horizontal line with colourchanges.. What should i do? Many thanks!

  9. scarphace38 • 09/11/2019 #

    Bonsoir, je découvre PRT et je n’arrive pas a afficher le meme résultat pour l’indicateur de tendance. J’ai juste une ligne droite qui change de couleur. Je n’arrive pas a avoir le graphique sous forme d’histogramme.
    Comment faire ?
    Merci pour votre aide

  10. Dom • 09/11/2019 #

    Hello, hello….je commence le trading et découvre par la même occasion le codage….et ce n’est pas une mince affaire pour un débutant comme moi!! je me dois de remercier ceux et celles qui se donnent la peine d’établir et de les partager, des indics, screeners, backtest, etc….c’est un travail de Titan (pour ma part!!)…. je trouve cet indicateur très pertinent…. Merci à tous!

  11. Be-n • 09/11/2019 #

    Bonjour tout le monde ! Dans l’indicateur de tendance, j’ai du mal à saisir la nuance entre bleu (retournement de tendance) et bleu (retournement de tendance 2) ? Quelqu’un pourrait-il éclairer ma lanterne ? Est-il question d’un retournement à la baisse d’une part et à la hausse d’autre part ? Merci d’avance

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