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    @Dajvop: this was no critic, I’m just wondering. Do you trade any of this systems live?


    @Despair I trade maybe 90-95 % of the systems live.



    You should not just look at one BT with just 8 trades in 30 year. It is the whole picture. A roadmap of 30+ instruments for 2 times a month a different optimization for both

    long and short. The goal is to run the best to have a kind of porto that generates a certain profit per year. It is all about diversification.

    I understand that it does not suit everybody. It depends on what kind of trader you are. If you like the daily exitement of the futuremarket and you belong to the 5% of the traders

    who can actually make money year over year and not just make a couple of good trades, i can only say: go for it and maybe swing trades are not your thing.

    It seems that everybody is looking for the holy grail and do not want to contribute but only understands the art of copy/paste.

    It really annoys me that a couple of months ago there were so many people on this forum who had the intention to develope this system but after Reiner left and later Pfeiler,

    they all seemed to be vanished or broke or on a tropical Island.

    Where did they all go? Optimization is not that difficult. It is actually a one trick pony i also learned and has nothing to do with coding.

    So i hope i can invite everybody to show your improvements on the code or on the optimalizations and give us some feedback.

    Thanks and questions are welcome. Together we can make it better.


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    I also looked at Cocoa and i made a little bit less “high roller” version.

    The results are also a bit distorted by the two results  of 30 years ago. These are not so relevant anymore i think.

    If you leave them out the BT the results are not so spectaculair anymore, but anyway, less DD is what i’m aiming at.



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    @wp01: Thanks for your explanation. Like I said, I’m open for everything. Just so far i always avoided longer timeframes and focused on 15min and shorter. I will have a closer look at this swing trading strategy.


    Patrick: I tried abit but the optimisations done by you, David and others here are much better than mine. I welcome a more detailed guide 🙂 but I will try to learn more when I have more time (vacation atm).

    Nice work on all the July optimisations 🙂



    The Corn September ’17 ($25 mini) is available in PRT, but not in IG.

    Attached the short and the long version without accumulation. Unfortunately just a history of six years.

    The short version looks much better. I also checked the long because Corn on the roadmap showed a long for July first.

    The future in IG will probably be added somewhere this week just before July expires on Thursday.


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    @Patrick, have you experienced that PRT can’t complete an optimization, but you get an error message?

    I have been having trouble since Friday and PRT hasn’t answered me yet, and IG isn’t that technical.

    I even lowered the variables to 20 from 200 but PRT couldn’t still complete the calculation.



    I have not had that error before. Also not today any issues.

    I had problems with PRT Friday evening after the market closed at 23 hours. I closed it without saving and hoped for the best.

    I you close without saving you get the last settings when you shut down the program.

    Other problems i have from time to time is not loading the right template and/or backtest. Very tricky, because when you are not aware

    you deal with wrong figures. What i also have that after 2 or 3 optimizations my computer is that slow that you hardly can do anything.

    It looks like the internal memory is complety full and has trouble working properly. I have no idea to solve that.

    In most of the time i do 2 or 3 optimizations and than close PRT.

    It is certainly not created to handle so many backtest correctly.

    My idea is that it has no use to contact IG about this. My experience is that they have little knowledge about technical issues regarding PRT.

    Don’t you have  someone from PRT in Sweden who you can talk to? I guess they have a representitive in all European countries. Maybe Nicolas

    can help or knows someone who can help?

    A couple of months ago there also was a malfunction of the backtests and that was solved in a couple of days. Maybe this will also be solved automaticly.

    Let me know if you find a solution.

    Good luck.


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    Hallo Ihr Lieben.


    Gibt es eine Code als aktuelle oder final version für den Dax zum Downloaden? Wenn ja, wo kann ich den hier im Forum finden?


    freundliche Gruß



    Hi Dajvop and Patrick,

    Nice work once again.

    Here are couple of Algos from my side for Jul1.

    Best regards

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    Cac and Hangseng

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    Nasdaq and OMX

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    US500 and Gold

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    Natural Gas and US crude

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