“Morning CAC40”

“Morning CAC40”

Hello everyone,

This small code looks a bit like my “Day Trading Trend DAX H4”, although it is less efficient.

It takes positions on the CAC40, in M15 graphics, in the morning (hence its name), based on the current momentum, defined by a MACD on the last 14 hours (so the periods are multiplied by 56).

14 hours because it’s like the 08H to 22H day trading.

This code is profitable over the long term, logically.

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  1. noisette • 05/08/2016 #

    Thank you,
    I’ll try to mix this code with the “Breakout strategy” to see if they can improve each other.

  2. Doctrading • 05/08/2016 #

    Yes, nice idea.

  3. noisette • 05/08/2016 #

    I tried some backtests with “9:30 MACD” with “Breakout strategy” but results are much better with MACD value at the time of the candle cross over the target price.

  4. Doctrading • 05/08/2016 #

    Hello, can you send us your code ?

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