Yearly Quarterly Monthly Weekly Daily H4 H1 OHLC Lines

Yearly Quarterly Monthly Weekly Daily H4 H1 OHLC Lines

This indicator displays yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, 4 hourly and 1 hourly OHLC (open, high, low and close) values on a price chart.

You can choose which OHLC values you want to display and also display just the high and low values or just the open and close values or all of them.

By changing the LookBack period you can display the OHLC values from any previous year, month week etc. When LookBack = 1 it displays on each candle values from the previous year, previous month, previous week etc. When LookBack = 2 it displays the values from two years ago, two months ago etc. With this feature if you add the indicator multiple times to your price chart you can for example display lines representing the last three months OHLC values.

The daily values are calculated starting at the open of the Monday candle to remove the issue of having Sunday OHLC values throughout Monday. You actually get the OHLC of Friday and Sunday combined shown on a Monday. The weekly values are calculated from the opening of the Sunday candle. If there is no Sunday or Monday candles then the week OHLC starts on whichever is the first trading day of that week.

The indicator can be used on any time frame chart but you have to have enough candles on a chart to display the values. The indicator has to be able to see a complete previous year from Jan 1st to Dec 31st before it can display any OHLC values for a year. The same for a month – it needs a whole month before it can display anything. Same for a week etc. It is not possible to display faster time frame OHLC values on a slower time frame chart. So you can’t have daily OHLC on a weekly chart for example.

It can be slow to draw if you want everything displayed on a lot of bars!

I suggest downloading the ITF file and importing it rather than cutting and pasting to ensure that you get full functionality.

Code written following the request made here:

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  1. vetrader • 04/08/2019 #

    Looks great. Thank you very much. I will test it during the next days!

  2. Vonasi • 04/08/2019 #

    Please note that there is a small bug in the indicator caused by a typo. Please delete ‘and openday[1] 7’ on line 75 (I’m not sure how it got there except for a cut and paste error!) Hopefully Nicolas will update the library post soon to remove this.

  3. vetrader • 04/08/2019 #

    Everything seems to work very well. But I would still recommend to pre-check everything if you change the timeframe in your chart. This is the best and most reliable code for previous OHLC….Thanks again!

  4. Vonasi • 04/08/2019 #

    The typo on line 75 has now been corrected in this library post and a new v1.1 ITF file attached. Thanks for doing that Nicolas.

  5. Balmora74 • 04/08/2019 #

    Thanks for this code but there is 4 different versions and i don’t know wich is the good one ?

  6. Vonasi • 04/08/2019 #

    I don’t understand. There is only one ITF file here not four. Download and import it. You might want to change line 75 to if opendayofweek opendayofweek[1] and opendayofweek 0 then as this means that small range Sunday bars are included in with Friday bars as per the description.

  7. Balmora74 • 04/08/2019 #

    Ok i understand now… I make a confusion with a other code… Thanks Vonasi.

  8. thierrybl • 140 days ago #

    Hi Vonasi,

    I thank you for your great indicator i’m using every day !
    I tried to add a fonctionnality, but with no success.

    My idea is to add a floating line (blue dotted) on the graph which indicates the next level prices are going to cross (daily, weekly, monthly,etc …)
    For exemple, on the graph, under the actual price, the blue line indicate the next level prices will meet, that is the high of May 4th.

    If prices crosses that level, the blue line disepears and is set on the 2sd level crossed, then on the 3rd, etc …

    That way, I just have one blue line above and one blus line below price.

    I hope I have been clear.

    Thanks a lot for your help


  9. thierrybl • 140 days ago #

    I can’t post an image. i don’t know how to do. Sorry

  10. thierrybl • 139 days ago #

    Lien vers mon image

  11. thierrybl • 139 days ago #


  12. Vonasi • 139 days ago #

    That should be possible – I’ll add it to my list to work on!

  13. thierrybl • 139 days ago #

    Thanks a lot

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