Daily data for intraday timeframe

Daily data for intraday timeframe

Hi all,

This indicator  creates lines in a intraday timeframe chart:

  • highest daily price
  • lowest daily price
  • average close price
  • yesterday close
  • yesterday typical price

Hope it is useful for you as for me.

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  1. Vonasi • 01/15/2018 #

    Thanks for sharing this Leo. I love anything that helps us understand where we are at in the price action. Mondays are a bit of an issue though as they will use the normally very flat Sunday levels. You could possibly add some code so that on Monday Friday’s levels are used?

  2. swapping • 01/15/2018 #

    Merci Leo, very cool simplement pour la visualisation des plus haut et bas de la journée passée cela va servir…

  3. Leo • 01/15/2018 #

    Thanks for the suggestion @Vonasi
    Here my code.
    I also made another modification that is to calculate the average in day frame with the close of the each bar

  4. Leo • 01/15/2018 #

    //Author: LEO

    //Variable as input: DAYS

    once DAYHIGHER=Dhigh(1)
    once DAYLOWER=Dlow(1)
    once DayAverage=DCLOSE(i)


    FOR i=1 to D-1 DO
    WHILE i = 1 THEN

    return DayAverage as “Day Close Average”, DAYCLOSE as “Yesterday Close”, TYPICALDAY as “YesterdTypical Price”, DAYLOWER as “Minimum day”, DAYHIGHER as “Maximum Day”

  5. Leo • 01/15/2018 #

    ..for some reason I can not add PRT code properly… anyway

    • Vonasi • 01/15/2018 #

      Thanks for that Leo. Apparently there is some fault with the site that means posting code is not working in the library comments – so don’t worry it is not just you.

    • Nicolas • 01/15/2018 #

      Sorry again, doing my best to fix this problem..

    • Gianluca • 193 days ago #

      Sorry but the 2° code that you posted have some problem it doesn’t work

    • Leo • 193 days ago #

      I have to check

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