CAC 40 strategy with reversal-signal-threelinebreak indicator

CAC 40 strategy with reversal-signal-threelinebreak indicator

Hello everyone.

This is a strategy I found by playing around with the indicator posted by Nicolas

I applied to cac 40 and I used in the counterintuitive way (buy with a sell signal / sell with a buy signal).

In line with what Andrea Ungher teaches on DAX I applied a condition on the “fullness” of the prevous day bar as a filter.

In order to make it work pls download also the indicator.

walk forward analysis is attached

Have fun.

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  1. Stenozar • 302 days ago #

    Hi Francesco, thanks for your code. May I have your email? I’d like to send you a message.

    • Francesco78 • 302 days ago #

      Hi Stenizar and thank you!
      For the email, I think the rule of the forum is to ask Nicolas to share them. I have nothing against him giving your email. Let’s just wait for him to read this message

  2. Stenozar • 302 days ago #

    OK Francesco, thanks

  3. CKW • 266 days ago #

    Hi Francesco,
    Do you running this strategy on Demo/Live or never version? Mine stopped due to errors.

  4. Francesco78 • 266 days ago #

    Hi CKW, yes I do run it live, and so far I had no problem, which kind of errors?

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