Markus Heitkoetter Long Setup (Traders Magazine)

Markus Heitkoetter Long Setup (Traders Magazine)

Found this in a german version of traders mag a few years ago.

  • use the MACD trading indicator to identify bullish and bearish market conditions
  • use the the RSI trading indicator to determine the strength of a trend
  • use the Bollinger Bands rising (price is going away from its mean)
  • the Close vs the Bollinger Bands are widely opened
  • price Close is higher than its previous High
  • High Volumes are necessary


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  1. anandxsawant • 162 days ago #

    Hi Odin,

    Thanks for this screener based on the popular criteria to trade trends from Marcus. Is it possible to automate it using his suggested SL and target (I think 1.5 times of SL) based on the ATR from the timeframe used?

    I haven’t coded anything on prorealtime, so I may take a lot of time to do it. Also I simply reversed your conditions to take short trades as current market is more biased towards bear run. Below code returns good results but please confirm if this code looks okay.

    I don’t see any currency in the results, so does it work for currency?

    //c1 = RSI[7](close) > 50
    c2 = MACDline[12,26,9](close) < MACD[12,26,9](close)
    c3 = MACDline[12,26,9](close) < 0
    c4 = BollingerDown[12](close) < BollingerDown[12](close)[1]
    c5 = (Close – BollingerDown[12](close)) / (BollingerDown[12](close) – BollingerDown[12](close))
    c6 = c5[1] < 0.9
    c7 = close 3000000
    //SCREENER [c1 and c2 and c3 and c4 and c6 and c7 and c8] (c8 as “volumen”)

    SCREENER [c2 and c3 and c4 and c6 and c7]

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