Smoothed Bollinger% Strategy Daily

Smoothed Bollinger% Strategy Daily

This strategy uses Smoothed Bollinger %b indicator, posted by Nicolas: “This is the modified% bollinger bands oscillator remade by Sylvain Vervoort. It’s using an Heiken Ashi closing price instead of the classic close value with Fears average. This indicator tend to accurate dark be and less choppy for intendifying turning points of the Dow theory by counting reverse oscillation of curved the”.

I have thought to post it because I believe that a winning portfolio must be founded on  daily strategies, that works with good values for a long time.
I don’t believe in the strategies with time frame inferior to the daily. And I believe that a winning portfolio must be composed from strategies that have little gain but costant,  It’s the whole portfolio that will bring to good results.

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  1. Vonasi • 14 days ago #

    Thanks for sharing this ALE. I think it will take a little studying to fully understand how it all works but one part immediately caught my attention – the trailing start calculation using a blend of ATR and price. very interesting and definitely something that may find its way into some other strategies I think.

    • ALE • 14 days ago #

      Yes Vonasi
      You can use and improve trailing stop in every strategy, I can suggest to use graph fuction of it’s value to adapt it to other markets

    • Altares • 12 days ago #

      Ciao Ale, ho notato che in molti usate l’ATR per i TS, ma devo avere qualche problema alla mia piattaforma, l’ATR dei CFD di IG ha un andamento totalmente diverso da quello dei mercati ufficiali, è comunque attendibile ed utilizzabile con profitto?

  2. ALE • 12 days ago #

    Per come l’ho usato qui si.

  3. Kv6 • 12 days ago #

    In demo mode (100,000 periods) I don’t get those ratios… I get a 76.95% winning and 1.75 winners/ losers operations

    • ALE • 11 days ago #

      Please try again

  4. andreag76 • 10 days ago #

    Grazie Ale,
    li proverò e modificherò con timeframe più bassi, sui 15 e 30 minuti

  5. borzack91 • 10 days ago #

    e un casino mettere apposto tutte le variabili, non tornano i nomi con sui sono stati ottimizzate

    • ALE • 8 days ago #

      Hello, can i help you in the topic?

  6. maxgomma • 10 days ago #

    Hello Ale first of all congratulations for the strategy … I’m asking you something .. if I try to put any of these strategies in real the system tells me:
    1) I have to replace the variables with a specific value and I have to replace these variables with a specific numerical value in the code of the trading system
    2) that the “Graph” instruction can not be used in automatic mode ..
    At this point, since I’m almost new to automatic trading, I’m asking for help on how to solve these two problems … Meanwhile, thanks for the help and for all the work you do!

  7. ALE • 10 days ago #

    Hello Max Gomma,
    Thanks for your attention, I’ve open a Topic “Smoothed Bollinger% Strategy Daily_Topic”

  8. maxgomma • 10 days ago #

    Thanks for the Graph at the bottom of the code? how should i change it?

  9. ALE • 10 days ago #

    Yes, cancel graph function not else

  10. maxgomma • 10 days ago #

    Thanks for the availability …

  11. Frank • 5 days ago #

    Hi, will the strategy ever go short? In back-test it was only long trades…

  12. ALE • 5 days ago #

    Yes of course

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