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    Since January1 are all red on the road map for all indices i didn’t create more algo’s. I’m not a fan of short in a bull market.

    I do not know about you but i have a porto full of longs to start the new year with. Unfortunately it didn’t turned out that well

    in the end of the year as hoped for.

    Best wishes from me as well. And be safe tonight.

    Kind regards,


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    @David, @Patrick,

    Best wishes from me as well.

    in Pathfinder swing V3 framework was still one problem open – a periodThirdMA parameter change led to divergent results. Please find attached a sample based on a new version of the Pathfinder swing framework. I hope V4 fix now this problem. I didn’t find the time to test it, may be David could do it.

    Sorry for the late answer.

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    Thank you Reiner. I will test it asap.

    Best regards, David


    @Reiner, sorry but the maxcandles of the previous period still affects the optimisation of the next period.



    Happy New Year to you too. Wishing you and your family a prosperous 2018.

    Great to hear you are still working on the projects. And thank you very much for the updated versions.

    Kind regards,



    Happy new year everybody.
    Wish you all much success and a profitable year 2018.
    A big thank you of course to Reiner for your generous and selfless contribution.

    I just came back and will work on the period Jan 2 again.

    Kind regards

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    @Patrick can you confirm that PL closed? Or did I set the limit too low?

    Best regards, David


    Last year at this time Reiner shared his Christmas Platin trade algo here in this topic and he foresee that this opportunity will come back every year.
    I started a pimped version of the platin algo in mid December and today it realized with a nice profit of +1586.17€ (6 contracts PL10$).

    Reiners knowledge about the markets is just astonishing, really great that he is sharing his wisdom.
    I am looking forward for more successful swing trades!




    Yes i can confirm the closing of the Platin. I had 3 contracts. Profit is € 785,89.

    You didn’t set the SL and TP. When the position was rolled over by IG at the 22nd. from the Jan’18 future to the next future they also put in the limit. They copy the info from the

    former future with an adaption of course because the price of the different futures are not alike. When they closed the original future we also had a profit of € 75,69. So this is on top of today’s result.

    Do not if oyu had 3 or 6 contracts. With 3 you have a similar result.

    And yes Pfeiler. I agree it is great that this information was shared by Reiner. Last year my Platinum X-mas result was € 1.600,00.

    Kind regards,


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    In my Demo account I can only have 25 automatic trading system simultaneously now. Before it was 50.
    Do you guys experience the same reduction as me?

    Best regards


    Hi O-jay8,

    Unfortunately i do not have a demo account running, so i do not have any experience with that.



    Hi O-jay8, sorry, neither I have a demo account.


    I just hit that 25 systems limit today and was a little surprised myself. Very limiting.


    Deleted and moved to more relevant place!

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    Hi Dajvop and Wp01,
    Dont you have a Demo account within your Live account? That is the case for me.
    I asked Pro Real Time regarding the limited 25 automatic trading systems but didnt get an answer yet.

    However here the Algos for Jan2
    Cotton and Gold

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