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    SMI and US500:

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    Yes, O-jay8 did a great job. But thank you both for all your postings.

    I post a few. I will check this week if i can create a few more.


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    PSI and SMI Dec2 V2.



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    I looks like you can not upload files without writing text. Never noticed that before.

    STXE Dec2 V2:




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    @Patrick can you confirm that NG only requires 0.5 contracts now? Or is my PRT messed up..?

    Edit: nevermind. My PRT was messed up…


    Hi David,

    If you are running the 1 euro contract the minimum is 2,5 contract.

    If you are running the Jan’18 future the minimum is 1 contract.



    Attached a few alternatives. Not in particular better, but different.

    Bund & Nifty Dec2:


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    Tried Nikkei long, but couldn’t make a positive result. Attached a few short trades.

    I’ve also tried usd basket, but it seems that there is no longer 1€ contract available.

    The december future expires in a few days and there is not a new one available right now.

    Nikkei dec2 short & SAF dec2 long:


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    Another top thread i have bookmarked , still havent read all reiners thread yet so will do that before starting here . I have written a similar idea based code albeit very differently  . I plan on having a go at the original ideas posted here  . Great work all guys working in here  … Here results from a code i completed today  . One a stock unleveraged and the other index leveraged  . I WILL be back just will take a while to absorb the thousands of posts on this very interesting topic  , Cya soon  



    The results you posted look great. Looking forward to your contribution.


    Kind regards,



    Is your Oats also still running? According to the BT they are both closed. But not on my account.

    No sign of an error or rejection in the order list. Weird behaviour.



    @Patrick yes, still running. Was supposed to have closed yesterday according to the backtest.


    Ok. Thanks David.

    I just closed it manually when the price started to accelerate.

    When i closed one, the code stopped of course in ProOrder, but the other order remained open. I closed that as well manually.

    Do not know what is wrong, but the trades didn’t follow the backtest. Anyway, a nice profit of € 228.



    @Patrick, does your performance match the backtest otherwise? I for example did not have an order on Dec 4 to Dec 6.



    No it doesn’t match at all. I also didn’t have an order on the the 4th. and the 6th. of december according to the BT.

    Attached you” ll find a copy of yesterday’s statement. You can see the dates and the tradeprice. These are of course different from the BT because

    the trades took place on a different day. It is just to compare. I think you have the same data.


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