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    MIB and Nasdaq

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    OMX and Russel

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    Just looked at your No Lead Gasoline for Feb1, but i do not think that the outcome is what you meant.

    Trade in January2 = 1 and February1 =0.

    Besides that the minimum positionsize is 2.

    If you want to run that from tomorrow on maybe you can take another look at it.

    I’m not running it by the way. Too much of a rollercoaster.

    Kind regards,


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    We were lucky with the NG this Monday. A couple of days it showed a loss and on the day of closure NG opened 3,5% lower and closed with a profit.

    Nicely optimized 🙂



    @Patrick thank you for noticing. It is correct here, I must have uploaded the wrong one somehow.

    Best regards,


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    I tried CL short because your LCO for february is also short. But the results are a bit disappointing. I won’t run it but maybe you will.

    I hope you had a good month. Luckily your HG is also coming alive…..:-)

    Attached CL Feb1 V2 short:


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    Still alive O-jay8 and David?

    Best of luck.

    Kind regards,



    Barely. That was a tough hit yesterday evening. A lot of SL reached.


    Yes same here. Thoughtfully built profits were given back in about 24 hours.





    Hi guys, good to hear from you.
    Hard to digest the last days. I stopped all my swing algos for indices for now until the storm is over.
    Still trade commodities and the 4h Pathfinder.

    What about you guys?

    Best regards and good fortune


    I have a few running, but stopped almost everything. I thought we agreed that you should warn us when the top was in…:-)

    Hopefully this “crash” uhhh pullback doesn’t take long anymore.




    Money gone. But it wasn’t that much. Going to only run demo account now for a long time before trying something again.


    Still running everything, but with a lot less confidence…

    Some sort of evaluation is in place after this “correction” has sorted itself out.


    Sorry to hear that Oskar. I hope you were in time to stop your positions and that the leverage didn’t get you into trouble.

    Unfortunately these days happen. No algoritme will solve that. On the upside we all saw extremes last months. When the market turns these extremes

    are mostlikely in reverse. Unfortunately they do not ring a bell when to move aside.

    Best of luck.



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    What kind of evaluation do you have in mind David?

    We run the algo’s and we know what we run and where the stops are. Sometimes we have one or two stoplosses and that is all in the game.

    Now there are so many in a row. That is why the ESMA wants tighter stops and greater margins. For days like this.


Viewing 15 posts - 1,921 through 1,935 (of 2,005 total)

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