Pivot Reversal Strategy Alerts

Pivot Reversal Strategy Alerts

This “trading signals” indicator plots buy and sell signals points entries when the price breaks the last pivot High/Low levels.

These levels are defined by price tops and bottoms found after the price made:

  • highest high with “leftP” candles on its left and “rightP” candles on its right
  • lowest low with “leftP” candles on its left and “rightP” candles on its right

The levels are marked with dark grey dots on the charts.

The signals are given during the candlestick formation and not afterwards.


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  1. Milochenta • 02/14/2019 #

    hello, I have installed the file, but the indicator appears in a separate window. Do you know how I can install it in the price window?

    • Nicolas • 02/14/2019 #

      Apply it on the price chart.

  2. Milochenta • 02/14/2019 #

    thank you very much, it was a beginner’s mistake

  3. TheDisciplinedTrader • 02/14/2019 #

    Much appreciated Nicolas! I have been looking for something to highlight reversal bars for quite a while now. Thanks again, kind regards, Shaun

  4. Matthew Darling • 02/14/2019 #

    Hi Nicolas, should this work on all software. Wont work on tradingviews pinescript

    • Nicolas • 02/14/2019 #

      No. The code delivered on our website is for ProRealTime trading platform:
      For personal and private assistance, you can contact through this page:

  5. growland1au • 02/14/2019 #

    Hi Nicolas,
    I am a beginner to this and I think your Pivot reversal strategy alerts indicator is ecellent
    I was wondering if you ever converted this to an automatic trading stratergy?
    Cheers Greg

    • Nicolas • 02/14/2019 #

      I can’t remember, if you can’t find it anywhere in forums, open a new topic if you want it to be coded.

  6. rastasam • 02/14/2019 #

    bonjour Nicolas,
    j’aimerais tout d’abord vous remercier pour tout ce que vous faite et j’aimerais savoir si on peu faire un backtest pour cet indicateurj’ai essayer de copier le code mais j’ai un message d’erreur qui s’affiche m’indiquant qu’il y a une erreur sur la ligne 20.
    merci d’avance

    • Nicolas • 02/14/2019 #

      Il s’agit d’un indicateur, pour en faire une strategie de trading automatique, cela demande certaines modifications, merci de formuler la demande dans le forum approprié.

  7. nectouxg • 02/14/2019 #

    Hello Nicolas,

    is it possible to add a sound alert when an arrow appears?
    thanks in advance

    • Nicolas • 02/14/2019 #

      Sound alerts = use the alert tools of the platform.

  8. nectouxg • 02/14/2019 #

    thank you Nicolas of your speed of response, I tried but, I have to fix something badly, because it does not ring,

    • Nicolas • 02/14/2019 #

      change the lastline with:
      RETURN lastsig
      and check if lastsig change its value with the alert tools

  9. nectouxg • 02/14/2019 #

    Hello Nicolas,

    I will try tonight when I get home, just one last question, I trade the DAX and NASDAQ in 1 MN AND 5 minutes, the default parameters are 4 and 2, can you explain to me if I have to keep 2 points apart if I want to decrease the number of arrows and have better signals?
    Do you have any suggestions for parameters according to the timeframe?
    in a few words the more I increase the periods the less signals I have but better quality?

    again thank you in advance for your support

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