Q-Trend is an multipurpose indicatorm that can be used for swing- and trend-trading equally on any timeframe (non-volatile markets are better for this thing).


  • Trend period – used to calculate trend line in the special moments(will explain below);
  • ATR Multiplier – changes sensitivity. The higher the multiplier = the more sensitive it is.
  • Also option to smooth source data (helps get cleaner signals, as always).

How to use?
Signals are given on the chart. Also ou can use trend line as S/R line.

The idea behind:

SRС = Source
TL = trend line;
MP = ATR multiplier;
TL = (highest of source P-bars back + lowest of source P-bars back) / 2
Epsilon = MP * ATR
I was thinking for a week about combining volatility and relation between highest and lowest price point. That why I called indicator Q-Trend = Quantitative Trend, as I was trying to think about price in a mathematical way.

Okay, time to go philosophical:
1) TL is shows good price trend, but as it is slow enough and not enough informative, we need add additional conditions to produce signals.
2) Okay, so what can we add as conditions? We need to take volatility into account, as it is crucial in the moments of market uncertainty. So let’s use ATR (Average True Range) somehow. My idea is that if SRC breaks TL + ATR, then it means that there will be upmove and we update our TL. Analogically for SRC breaking TL – ATR (breaks are crosses of TL +- ATR lines).
– if SRC breaks TL + ATR, it is a BUY signal and update of trend line;
– if SRC breaks TL – ATR, it is a SELL signal and update of trend line;

(description from original author: tarasenko_)

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  1. Ozons • 336 days ago #

    Bonjour Nicolas, merci pour le code

  2. NEOMKEY • 336 days ago #

    Hello everyone. Great job Nicolás, and any input is appreciated. But isn’t there a way for the entry arrow to be drawn on the closed candle and not on the previous candle?. Thank you very much again.

    • Nicolas • 335 days ago #

      Change any reference to barindex[1],m[1] with barindex[0],m[0]

  3. NEOMKEY • 335 days ago #

    Thank you very much Nicolás.

  4. T-rader • 324 days ago #

    Thanks for great indicator. Translated it to a algo. How come I can´t get the strongbut and strongsell to work?

    // —settings
    p = 200 //Trend period
    atrp = 14 //ATR Period
    mult = 1.0 //ATR Multiplier
    mode = 1 //Signal mode options = [1=”Type A”, 2=”Type B”]
    useemasmoother = 0 //Smooth source with EMA? 0=false ; 1=true
    srcemaperiod = 3 //EMA Smoother period
    colorbars = 0 //Color bars? 0=false ; 1=true
    signalsview = 1 //0 = trend inversion ; 1 = strong buy / strong sell only
    // — end of settings

    source = customclose

    // Calculations
    if useemasmoother then
    src = average[srcemaperiod,1](source)

    hh = highest[p](src) // Highest of src p-bars back;
    ll = lowest[p](src) // Lowest of src p-bars back.
    d = hh – ll

    if barindex>p then
    once m = (hh + ll) / 2 // Initial trend line;
    atr = AverageTrueRange[atrp][1] // ATR;
    epsilon = mult * atr // Epsilon is a mathematical variable used in many different theorems in order to simplify work with mathematical object. Here it used as sensitivity measure.

    if mode=2 then //type B
    changeup = src crosses over m+epsilon or src crosses under m+epsilon
    changedown = src crosses over m-epsilon or src crosses under m-epsilon
    changeup = src crosses over m+epsilon or src > m+epsilon
    changedown = src crosses under m-epsilon or src < m-epsilon

    sb = open < ll + d / 8 and open >= ll
    ss = open > hh – d / 8 and open <= hh
    strongbuy = sb or sb[1] or sb[2] or sb[3] or sb[4]
    strongsell = ss or ss[1] or ss[2] or ss[3] or ss[4]


    if (changeup or changedown) then
    if changeup then
    m=m + epsilon
    elsif changedown then
    m=m – epsilon

    if changeup then
    elsif changedown then

    if signalsview=1 then
    if strongbuy and ls<>1 then
    buy at market

    if strongsell and ls<>-1 then
    sell at market

    //if r<>r[1]and r>0 then
    //sell at market

    //if r<>r[1]and r=0 then
    //buy at market


    • Nicolas • 323 days ago #

      thanks for opening a specific topic in the ProOrder forum.

    • doo23559 • 214 days ago #

      Brother , It`s not work .
      I want to be auto trade based on the signals

  5. JC_Bywan • 311 days ago #

    Link to automatic strategy topic in forum: https://www.prorealcode.com/topic/strategy-based-on-q-trend/

  6. Gigi • 298 days ago #

    Bonjour, cet indicateur repeint il? Par avance, merci pour la réponse.

    • Nicolas • 296 days ago #

      Non, il n’y a pas d’indicateur qui repeint avec PRT.

  7. JADINVEST • 293 days ago #

    Hello everyone,
    Great work, thank you Nicolas for this indicator that I really appreciate.
    Would it be possible to create a sreener with the possibility of displaying weak and/or strong signals?
    a topic is already open : https://www.prorealcode.com/topic/creer-un-screener-base-sur-q-trend
    Thanks //

    edit: the screener is in the topic, thanks
    What about the strategy please: https://www.prorealcode.com/topic/strategy-based-on-q-trend

  8. lkiklkik • 292 days ago #

    merci ! semble très sympa couplé avec une MM.

  9. yassinoumas33 • 282 days ago #

    how to add this indicator to mt4 please

    • Nicolas • 280 days ago #

      You can’t, all codes shared here are to be used with ProRealTime trading platform: https://trading.prorealtime.com/en/

  10. Anthony2A • 201 days ago #

    Bjr, j ai des erreurs sur la ligne 69, 74, 78 et 80.
    sur drawcandle drawtext et endif.
    si quelqu un pourrait m aider svp

  11. Lucas0000 • 160 days ago #

    Hello, Congratulations on this programming, it seems incredible to me, I am new to this but I would like to know if you have this automated Q-trend indicator, I think it is proorder, that it makes the entries and exits automatically in the color change, and if not Do you have it, how could I get it?…
    Thank you.

  12. plbourse • 137 days ago #

    Hello, I am trying to use this singal (in fact I have converted it to an indicateur giving Bull/Bear phases, but I would like to have it more sensitive, i.e would accept a higher lagging time before the indicator changes from Bull to Bear (or changes from green to red in the original version) does anybody have a clue on which parameters I should act ?
    Thanks in advance

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