robertogozzi An updated version can be found here
FernetTrader think i found a solution!
monochrome Thanks for the indicator. Very interesting!
monochrome Can you please share how you made it work? I cant seem to make it work in a strategy
4 years ago
Francesco78 very nice, thanks!
Wilko Interesting! Thanks for sharing!
BjornH Extremely nice, thanks!
supertiti Pour ceux qui ne savent pas laquelle choisir, voici les 4 d'un coup. On peut utiliser les cr...
s00071609 Hi, could you please suggest, what this codes gives, lowest[b](rsi[a]) -- just trying to us...
Nicolas lowest[b](rsi[a]) returns the lowest values of the RSI of "a" periods, over the last "b" per...
xel Thanks a lot Nicolas! Always kind words and attention from you! Cheers!
lglmrc Can't make it work, says: "Define p variable"
Ezio Hi Xel and thanks, do you know if there is a way in PRC of reading/counting intraday ticks?...