Multi Z-Score analysis

Multi Z-Score analysis

This indicator is a quick attempt to represent the distance of prices from their averages using the Zscore.
By using the DRAWTEXT graphical function in a loop, you can display a large amount of information at the same time.

The Zscore is calculated dynamically against several moving averages for as many “definition” periods. The variable “definition” is a multiplier.

What the indicator shows us is that the price both to return more quickly to its mean when few Zscore (1 Zscore = 1 point on the graph) exceeds a deviation of 2 standard deviations and that quickly, while many other points form a compact package.

Other observations could be formulated for different types of graphs, time horizons and ways to trade, I leave you the pleasure to test by yourself 🙂


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  1. alfapenna • 06/26/2018 #

    good job! when it comes to the 4 standard deviation the price almost always breaks in

    • Nicolas • 06/26/2018 #

      Yes because the mean is also moving, it is not stationnary 🙂

  2. alfapenna • 06/26/2018 #


    • Jan Wind • 06/26/2018 #

      Dear Alfapenna,

      I would think the following 3 additions/changes in the code will do; however 4 is an extreme value .

      if zscore <= -4 then (CHANGE INSTEAD OF = 4 then ( CHANGE ADDED LINE)
      drawtext(“.”,barindex,zscore,Dialog,Bold,20) coloured(r,max(g,100),0)

    • Jan Wind • 06/26/2018 #

      Dear Alfapenna,
      I just saw my reply of this morning to you, it is completely mixed up (?)
      So I give it another try to answer your question:
      however ZFactor of 4 is an extreme value .

      if zscore< -4 then //ADJUSTED; was if zscore 4 then //NEW LINE
      drawtext(“.”,barindex,zscore,Dialog,Bold,20) coloured(r,max(g,100),0)
      endif //NEW LINE

  3. Jan Wind • 06/26/2018 #


    thanks for the code.
    “Smooth” does not seem to give any value (smooth=average[period](globalz))
    If you can react on this, would be great !
    KR Jan

    • Nicolas • 06/26/2018 #

      But it should, I’ll test later.

    • Jan Wind • 06/26/2018 #

      Nicolas, maybe the cause is that the values of / or the smooth line is not visible (??)

  4. Jose7674 • 06/26/2018 #

    Thanks for such a great job… I will try to use it in a trading system.
    Really great

  5. Sofitech • 06/26/2018 #

    Is there a way to create a return value for the points so we can create alerts when some points are higher or lower of a value ? how can we modify the code to do that ?

    • Nicolas • 06/26/2018 #

      So many variables to be returned! The indicator is dynamic by its settings, so you can’t know how much variables it would return, that’s why I used dots made with a graphic instruction. Zscore is pretty much the same as a standard deviation, so bollinger bands do already this job for you.

    • m-zeter • 06/26/2018 #

      Has anyone found a solution for Sofitech? Would it be possible to draw two lines? An upper line for the maximum points and a lower line for the minimum points. Would that be possible?

  6. Brisvegas • 06/26/2018 #

    Is this indicator for use in a binary sense or is it just a type of visual . If it is to be used as binary/boolean type signal what would your suggestion be ? It seems a little noisey to me , possibly i just dont get it .

    • Nicolas • 06/26/2018 #

      Multiple zscore are plotted around many different time horizons means. Purely visual as you cant get a binary signal without any studies of all the information that are plotted by the indicator. As I wrote in the post, I let everyone make their own studies about the concept.

  7. Gianluca • 06/26/2018 #

    Hello Nicolas, my prt become stuck when i load the indicator, is there any problem with it?

    • m-zeter • 06/26/2018 #

      Hm, i dont know exactly why, but I think, that the indicator needs lots of power. I need also lots of time to load it. Maybe your computer has not enaugh power for it?

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