Anchored Standard Deviation & Standard Error Linear Regression Channel

Anchored Standard Deviation & Standard Error Linear Regression Channel

This version of the Linear Regression Channel with Standard Deviation (STD) and Standard Error (STE) bands has dynamic lookback for its calculation.

You can define in the setting a precise date and time to anchor the start of the channel, so its length evolves as time passing by. It can be useful to spot potential breakout of a defined trend or rebound on the top and bottom of the channel.

The original version with fixed bars lookback can be found here: Standard Deviation & Standard Error Linear Regression Channel



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  1. swapping • 06/28/2019 #

    Excellent Nicolas ūüėČ

  2. Violet • 06/28/2019 #

    Hi Nicolas,

    There seems to be a small error in the code, which causes the channel not to be shown.

    Line 20 should read as follows: if date = anchordate and time >= anchortime then

    Note the condition : >= anchortime


    • Nicolas • 06/28/2019 #

      Hmm, I don’t think so, otherwise the channel will have a moving start and not anchored anymore.
      If the channel doesn’t show, it may because the starttime is not met in the timeframe you are using.

  3. SB-FO • 16 days ago #

    Nicolas, can you share with me how PRT calculates LinearRegression ? Is it (3 * WeightedAverage Close X – 2 * AVERAGE Close X) X= Period?

    • Nicolas • 16 days ago #

      The above code is the way it is calculated in PRT. However the exact indicator can be found here:

  4. SB-FO • 14 days ago #

    Thanks Nicolas.

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