Force Indicator

Force Indicator

This indicator counts the number of standard deviations price is above or below an average of price.

Discussion regarding this indicator can be found here:

Thanks to Jebus89 for the original concept which I then recoded so as to allow different levels of standard deviation to be used in the indicator.

The following variables can be adjusted to alter the output.

  • p = The period used for the average.
  • AveType = The type of average used. Values from 0 to 6 as follows:0 = SMA1 = EMA

    2 = WMA

    3 = Wilder

    4 = Triangular

    5 = End point

    6 = Time series

  • STDstart = The first STD of average to be used.
  • STDmax = The maximum STD of average to be used.
  • STDstep = Step levels of STD used.

So for example if STDstart = 1 and STDmax = 3 and STDstep = 0.5 then 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 STD multiples will be used as well as -1.0, -1.5, -2.0, -2.5 and -3.0 for the indicator output.

The line is red if Force is falling and green if Force is rising. A Force reading above zero indicates how far price has moved above the average and a Force reading below zero how far price has moved below the average.

Jebus89’s original idea was to use this indicator on higher time frames as a filter to check how far from the mean a price has moved to help evaluate whether it is a good time to enter the market on lower time frames but it can also be used in many other ways.

I recommend downloading and importing the ITF file to get full functionality.

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  1. Balmora74 • 03/18/2019 #

    Thanks for this code. i will try to adapt it in the EUR/USD Pac Man Strategy who is based on the STD function :

    • Vonasi • 03/18/2019 #

      I still have two versions of the PacMan strategy on forward test although there have been various stoppages and periods of no trading beyond my control so the results are a bit inaccurate. Neither version has proven very profitable but on the bright side neither has lost a fortune yet either!

  2. Balmora74 • 03/18/2019 #

    I use your version on a real account and the strategy is profitable and i did not have any problem of cutting. Yes the profit is small but if i add overnight positive coast it starts to become interesting ! Another good point is that the strategy does not seem to be overfitted and continues to perform 🙂

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