Multi Time Frame MACD Divergences

Multi Time Frame MACD Divergences

Here is a screener that allows you to identify positive and negative divergences of the MACD on a weekly or daily basis ;

The “signal” gives you the Time Frame and the nature of the divergence:

  • 2 is a weekly positive divergence
  • -2¬†is a weekly negative divergence
  • 1 is a daily positive divergence
  • -1¬†is a daily negative divergence

You can also tweek the code in order to combine both divergences at will;


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  1. Yannick • 10/08/2018 #

    Thanks for sharing your code, I will put in a more complex code.
    You can reduce CPU usage and time for screening by not executing the code with intrusction if
    MinPrix = close >2.5
    MinVolume = summation [10](average[23](volume)> 100000) =10

    If MinPrix and MinVolume then

  2. bala • 10/08/2018 #

    Hi Kris,

    I have imported the screen. I don’t see any instrument loaded under this screen. also, how to get the chart like your screenshot?


  3. Kris75 • 10/08/2018 #

    Hi Bala,
    you need first to install ZeroLagMACDWeek indicator and then add on it the divergence indicator

  4. berga • 10/08/2018 #

    Hi, thank you very much for this very useful screener. I would like to get another very close screener based on HIDDEN DIVERGENCES usable with intraday timeframes (5,15 min, H1…). Is it possible to simultaneously have more than 2 timeframe columns on a shorter list of assets ?As I do not know (yet) how to program PRT and to avoid mistakes, could you help me. Thank you in advance.

  5. leoulve • 221 days ago #

    Hello, I uploaded correctly the screener and it is not selecting any. Is it normal? cheers

  6. Oliviertrader2020 • 177 days ago #

    Hello, where do you find the ZeroLagMACDWeek indicator? You only posted the mtf-macd-divergence indicator. Thanks

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