myCandel Infos

myCandel Infos

Shows the previous Candelrange, ATR[10] and EMA[20] of ATR[10] near candle in two different colours.
Colour change when ATR is over EMA to orange. When range over atr and atr over ema possible stronger moves/volatility.

Shows Arrows for Long and Short recommendation depend on Priceaction and OBV.

You can select which info you want.
18.06.2019 (Release 1.0)

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  1. maurizio • 06/19/2019 #

    Errore in riga 13 e 16, non funziona

    • Thomas • 06/19/2019 #

      @maurizio I dont no how i can change my post. The error in line 13 ist / but need //
      Better to use the ITF

  2. Rocketship • 06/19/2019 #

    Please advise what is the repair to the code. Not working.

    • Thomas • 06/19/2019 #

      The code is fixed. Noiw // in line 13.
      Better to use the ITF, ther is no error.

  3. Sofitech • 06/19/2019 #

    What is the indicator just bellow the price chart please ?

    • Thomas • 06/19/2019 #

      ?? near the candel are the range of previous bar, ATR[10] and EMA[20]ATR[10].
      Under/over the candels sometime arrows for Long and Short recommendation depend on Priceaction and OBV.
      Both option can be activate or deactivate.

    • Thomas • 06/19/2019 #

      @Sofitech Sorry, now 🙂 Thats the OBV and on top BB 20,2 . When OBV over 20average is green and reverse red. It the OBV out of BB is a white colour. This a areas ther most oversold/overbought

  4. Sofitech • 06/19/2019 #

    Thanks. This is interesting

  5. Juanjo • 06/19/2019 #

    Podrias explicar un poco la idea de trading que está detras del indicador ?.. Gracias

    • Thomas • 06/19/2019 #

      Traducción de Google del alemán:
      Estoy buscando movimientos fuertes. Si el ATR es más grande que su promedio y el tamaño de la vela es más grande que el ATR, tengo movimientos rápidos. Por ejemplo, 12/10/9: La vela tiene 12 puntos, el ATR 10 y el promedio de 9.
      Las flechas verde y roja me muestran que el movimiento también es compatible con el volumen.
      Como dirección de tendencia se puede utilizar, por ejemplo, el VWAP.

      Google translation from German:
      I am looking for strong movements. If the ATR is larger than its average and the size of the candle is larger than the ATR, I have fast movements. For example, 12/10/9: The candle has 12 points, the ATR 10 and the average 9.
      The green and red arrows show me that the movement is also supported by the volume.
      As trend direction one can use for example the VWAP.

    • Thomas • 06/19/2019 #
  6. Thomas • 06/19/2019 #

    Beispiel, Ejemplo

  7. atlante • 06/19/2019 #

    sigue sin funcionar puedes corregir el codigo gracias es que no se ve nada se queda en negro, al aplicarlo.

    • Thomas • 06/19/2019 #

      Como? no intiendo. Can you write in english . It works! Download the itf file.

  8. Thomas • 06/19/2019 #

    New Version comin soon…

  9. CHARLESRACHELLE • 06/19/2019 #


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