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    EU Stocks:


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    S&P500 with accumulation:


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    I looked at your China H-Shares on page 78 and your initial capital is just 10.000 HKD. That is why you get a figure of 713% profit.

    10.000 HKD is just € 1.100,00 and should be 100.000 HKD.

    Attached my version without accumulation:


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    In your AEX (above post) you changed the 1st. and 2nd. MA to 4 and 9. Did you do that on purpose?

    The template shows 5 and 10.

    Kind regards,



    @Patrick, yes, that was on purpose. Just thinking outside the box.

    I have started to check if those 2 changes anything and in most cases it doesn’t, but in this case it did.

    Best regards, David

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    Jeez. +3500 eu on the demo acc in 2 days. Running 10 systems.

    Going to help with some optimising on friday.

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    Hey Guys,

    Thanks a lot for your contribution again.

    One question: Are you even using my Algos or do you still get different results than what I post?

    What I usually do is, comparing your algos against mine and take the one, which suits me better.

    Here are my algos for Jul2, where I think they could be more favourable in one way or another.

    AEX and Cotton

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    Nasdaq Long and Short

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    Gold and Copper

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    @O-jay8, I am running those of your algos that have the same results as you do.

    Right now I am live with your DOW, US500, NQ, NG, HS and BUND.

    I often run all versions I think are good, even though it is the same instrument. That means that I am running wp01’s HS also for example.

    Best regards, David

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    @O-jay8, can you upload Cotton again? The .itf file didn’t stick.



    Thanks for your algo’s.

    I usually do the same as you. I check mine with yours and others posted here and take the best one.

    Currently running ASX, Bund, AG, AU. I locked in some profits yesterday with the DAX4H and closed the HSCHIN and HS to protect my results of this month. It looks like i missed a lot yesterday in the shortsqueeze but

    i’m happy with the results.

    I also tried what David is writing about running several versions of the same instrument. I noticed that in the beginning when positions were posted mine sometimes didn’t open or the other way around that mine opened and others did not have a position. The intention is to stop the other when the first opened, but more than once they opened both :-). But if everything opens together in a few days the pressure on your account can

    be hard when the market runs against you.


    Although Cotton shows a long on the map, i do not get a positive result for Jul2.

    Attached my version of the Cotton short.

    The DD is higher than O-jay8’s version. That is probably caused by the difference in minimum amount of contracts between the UK and Europe.

    Overhere it is a minimum of 2,5 contracts. I guess the DFB version is 1. Maybe O-jay8 can confirm that.

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    HI Guys,

    Thanks for the confirmations. Personally I am reluctant to run couple versions simultaniously as it would kill my nerves if they all go in the wrong direction. I know you could still cancel one algo immediately if several opend but I dont mind missing one or two trades once in a while.

    I prefer a lower dd sometimes more than lower losses in regard of my mental state then. Respectively I create my algos to achieve that, where you guys probably have other priorities. Last week was a time as well, where I had a quite big DD compared to my account size, but fortunately I kept my nerves and this week looks very promising.

    Cotton and Soybean are attached.

    I also couldnt make a nice looking version for Cotton Long so I will trade the short version.

    Minimum contract for Cotton is 1 for UK. Soybean i.e. 15 I think its 20 in your case.

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    I am still indecisive whether I want to trade Soybeans as the contract size is still a bit too high for my preferences. I skipped the last to periods.

    Same applies with Coffee as the minimum size is 1 and the DD to high for me, so I left it out and just let it run in Demo.

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