The 4 years USA Presidential Cycle Trading strategy

The 4 years USA Presidential Cycle Trading strategy

Hello everyone,
Here is a well-known strategy, and very effective.
We buy a US index in the 3rd year of the presidential cycle, and sell the following year.
Actually, indices (such as Dow Jones, S&P500) raise because periods of presidential campaigns, whose promises make indices to grow.

I had to adapt some dates with the symbols ” >= ” , because there are days when September 30 for example is not a business day.
The strategy is profitable nearly each time.
The test was launched since 1982, but actually by launching the strategy in 1932, it is almost always positive (just 2 short years with low losses ).

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  1. gianlox • 05/15/2016 #

    This did not expect .. 🙂


  2. CKW • 05/15/2016 #

     Thanks Doctrading for sharing

    Is this Daily Time frame?


  3. Doctrading • 05/15/2016 #


    Yes, it is daily timeframe.

  4. air • 334 days ago #

    Good job. 

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