The “% Bollinger in Trend” strategy

The “% Bollinger in Trend” strategy

Hello everyone,

Here is a strategy that mixes the « % Bollinger » indicator, with the trend.

One of my readers made me discover an ebook of Charles Dereeper, who spoke of it. The concept does not come from him, it is well known.

But I found the idea of ​​associating this indicator with the trend very relevant, so I tried to code this strategy.

As a reminder, the « % Bollinger » indicator is defined by :

% Bollinger = (closing price – lower Bollinger) / (upper Bollinger – lower Bollinger)

The ProRealTime indicator is coded by myself like this :

We will associate this indicator with the trend.

In bull market, we go to purchase if :

close > MA100

MA20 > MA200

% Bollinger < 0.2 and % Bollinger < 0.2 on previous candle (consolidation)

We close the trade if :

% Bollinger > 1

As you can see on the following test (S&P500 INDEX, daily chart, spread 1 point), the strategy is very successful in the bull market : profit factor> 7 !

However, there is very few position (very selective criterias), which means that there are not many gross profits, much less for example than the Swing S&P500 strategy that I personally use.

Quite sad, as I’m always looking for concepts that can improve my own algorithms.

Actually, it would be quite possible to attempt to adapt this strategy to short positions, but it seems less profitable.

You are free to try to improve this strategy.

On the S&P500, it was profitable.

It is quite possible that the parameters for the CAC40, the DAX, the stocks, etc. can be adapted.

It’s up to you.

Best regards and happy trading !

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  1. Nicolas • 17 days ago #

    Thanks for sharing. The backtest is made on a weekly chart in your example (that’s why PF is superior to 7). However, the strategy is also in gain on a daily timeframe. For everyone’s information, SP500 Index is not a tradable instrument, this strategy must be launched on a CFD account (ticked is US 500).

  2. Doctrading • 17 days ago #

    Hello Nicolas,
    You’re right ! I forgot to say that I wanted to make the strategy for long term trading, so I like the weekly timeframe.

    I wanted to join also a picture for daily timeframe, but the equity curve was more “sexy” on weekly timeframe, I could only join 1 picture.
    Best regards,

  3. JR1976 • 16 days ago #

    Dear Doc ,
    excellent concept

  4. SimoneDasGupta • 15 days ago #

    Nice job! It makes good results also on DOW JONES Weekely and on DAX Daily, but also with the short.

  5. SimoneDasGupta • 15 days ago #

    // short position
    ca1s = close < average[100](close) ca2s = average[20](close) < average[200](close) ca3s = pB[1] > 1 and pB > 1

    IF ca1s and ca2s and ca3s THEN
    sellshort n shares at market

    // exit short position
    if pB crosses under 0.2 THEN
    EXITSHORT at market

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