FTSE Italian index MIB goes on at night

FTSE Italian index MIB goes on at night

This system is really simple:
if it is 17:30 (closing market) buy at market, sell next day at 9:15 (shortly after it opened) :

It should be tested with calculated overnight fees though, for a better comparison with real time trades.

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  1. Andres • 04/15/2016 #

    What original and simple idea. I like it!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. gianlox • 04/15/2016 #

    This system is just a basic idea, it should be implemented with filters, I’m sure you can improve ! 

  3. Andres • 04/15/2016 #

    Yes, of course, but many times we are thinking in complicated indicators and it’s wonderfull to see simple ideas that works. 
    Six code lines. Great.

  4. gianpiero • 04/15/2016 #

    I tried the system but does not work, it does not open positions, in any market
    so I tried to change it so, for testint it only on the US market
    // Condizioni per entrata long
    IF NOT OnMarket and time>210000 THEN

    // Condizioni per uscire da posizioni long
    If LongOnMarket AND time>091500 THEN

    set target pprofit 40

    the result is that the system open positions only on Sunday to close on Monday …. I use IG account, and i do not understand what the problem is

    • Nicolas • 04/15/2016 #

      Because the system must test time of the present candle, this strategy needs to be traded on intraday timeframe. So i believe you have tested it in daily one maybe?

  5. gianlox • 04/15/2016 #

    you must have a subscription to view intraday bars, then you put it with graphics of 15min
    entry time to be 17:30 (not 21:00), remove the target profit.

  6. gianpiero • 04/15/2016 #

    ok thanks to both, now works fine…

  7. giulomb • 04/15/2016 #

    Bravo Andrea Unger

  8. gianlox • 04/15/2016 #

    Questa è un idea che ho trovato su un articolo in una rivista e l’ho condivisa scrivendola con PRT. Spero che se hai qualcosa di interessante anche tu possa condivederlo in questo forum. 

  9. giulomb • 04/15/2016 #

    Quanto e’ l’ average trade di questa strategia ? Se metti commissioni e slippage vai in perdita .

  10. gianlox • 04/15/2016 #

    ciao giulomb,
    leggi il mio  primo commento in alto.

  11. Doctrading • 04/15/2016 #

    This nice strategy seems regularly profitable before 2010 ; see picture : 
    Strange that it isn’t before.

  12. Doctrading • 04/15/2016 #

    The spread is 20 points by IG markets : 
    With this spread, the results are awful :
    Am I wrong ?

  13. gianlox • 04/15/2016 #

    You’re right, it is not good considering the spread… the cfd are too expensive, better to use mini futures I write this is just a starting point for a system.
    But look  the picture, I sent to you by email, is the same motor with my personal filters, i put 15 points of spreads.

  14. Doctrading • 04/15/2016 #

    Yes, nice improvement !
    You should test it with 20 points spread (common spread on IG Markets).What is the filter code ?

  15. bandido • 04/15/2016 #

    Ho provato questa strategia anche sul dax, a causa dell’elevato spread IG sul ftse mib.
    Con un giusto stop loss e take profit sembra essere profittevole, anche se non eccezionale. 
    La testerò su altri indici

  16. gianlox • 04/15/2016 #

    con quale timeframe hai provato sul dax ?

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