Double 7’s Strategy

Double 7’s Strategy

One of the most simple strategy from Connors.

It is operating only in BUY side. It is still performing well on major ETF or Futures indexes. To be run in 1D timeframe. Please adjust the commissions and fee according to your broker befor to backtest.


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  1. sfl • 266 days ago #

    what do you think using it with weekly timeframe ?

  2. sfl • 266 days ago #

    CAC on Weekly timeframe, long only, short dosent work.

    Defparam cumulateorders = false

    // SIZE of the position
    positionSize = 1

    stopLoss = 500
    trailingStop = 0

    // Parameters
    lEntry = 8 // Number of periods to enter
    lExit = 4 // Number of periods to exi
    iMM = average[200](close)
    // LONG Position
    ca1 = close > iMM
    ca2 = low = highest[lExit](close) THEN
    Sell at market

    if stopLoss>0 then
    SET STOP pLOSS stopLoss

  3. superfalcio • 256 days ago #

    This kind of strategies coming from Connors research usually work well on timeframes from 1Day to 1week on indexes in general. If you are interested on the 1week timeframe, you will find very interesting another strategy I posted:

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