3 weeks ago
BiggestNoob Duh. Should learn to read above post :p
ProContra It seems that after publishing it started drawdown.
GraHal Please forgive the daft question, but why is 3-bars-trailing-stop-williams-3.itf included a...
Frank Hi Paul - I tried the original strategy. My first trade showed first a great profit, but it ...
Frank Another thing - have you also tried to go short?
Paul try activate Williams 3 bar trailing stop to exit when profits are i.e. above x% with a stop...
century hi, can we have more explanations please ? about parameters and time unit ? thanks
Nicolas Line 10: Volume of current candlestick must be at least 1.5 higher than the previous one and...
2 years ago
Gaps screener
Gaps screener
Daniel da Costa Hi, i would like to code an indicator similar to this one but it must not take the 'wicks' o...
jbox Bonjour,   Je souhaite affiché affiché les gap sur le graph des prix directement J'a...
owes29 Hi what do you find are the best settings for intraday trading regards Lee  
2 years ago
Blai5 CazaGaps
Blai5 CazaGaps