Ordered trend-following stocks Screener

Ordered trend-following stocks Screener

This screener return the list of the different stocks following a “trend following” pattern
They are order by their percentage earning per unit of time (for example if you have 20 and you choose day, it means the stock is increasing by 20% a day more or less)

NB : the screener takes a bit of time for calculating but it does the job
NB2 : The screener is based on SuperTrend for detecting going up values so be careful because sometimes some values can have already reached their highest or are on their way to change direction
NB3 : my screeners are here to help you and make work easier by making selections but don t forget your analyses 😉

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  1. mickey992 • 08/06/2020 #

    salut merci pour ton partage et ton travaille

  2. patapouf • 08/06/2020 #

    Hi Vivien René
    I just discovered your “Ordered trend-following stocks Screener”. Great work !
    Do you know the indicators system PRT Bands ?… recently added as a native indicator in ProRealTime
    It works quite well.
    There are now the 4 instructions PRTBANDSUP; PRTBANDSDOWN; PRTBANDSMEDIUMTERM; PRTBANDSSHORTTERM available for this indicator, in PRT Software (and PRT/Binck in France since this morning) (but we are still waiting for PRT/IG and PRT/InteractiveBrokers)
    Could you develop the same kind of screener based on PRT Bands ?
    Thank you in advance


    PS. In order to identify Up trends and Down trends, one can use these conditions :

    if close crosses over PRTBandsUp and trend=0 then

    signal = trendtrend[1] //Trend Reversal

    // Up Trend :
    if signal and trend>0 then
    // Down Trend
    elsif signal and trend<0 then

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